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High speed drivers
Sun falls low
Catch that light
Stop, click, go

High plains drifters
Night swallows day
Follow stars
By Milky Way

White line fever
Headlights blast
Long, slow hours
Home at last



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The Rockies

The common room at the Pitkin Hotel in Pitkin, CO where I processed photos and put this blog together tonight.


We left Boulder about 2:30 pm, and after various misguided directions from Google, stops to do photos, and a complete whiteout driving over one of the high passes on our way to Pitkin, CO from Boulder, we got to the hotel about 9:00. The drive would have been about four and a half hours straight through with out the directions issues, photo stops and whiteout.


These peaks are all over 14,000 feet about sea level.




We drove into the clouds, and into a whiteout driving over a pass in the mountains. We and two other cars pulled over, stopped and let our eyes adjust before slowing heading down the road with our emergency flashers on. The lines on the road were only visible for a couple of feet in front of us, and the reflectors on posts designated the edge of the road. We had to drive a few miles before we descended below the clouds and had a clear view of the road again.


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Across the Tracks


I had quite a adventure in Boulder, CO today, but we got home so late, I only had time to look at a few of the photos.



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The Dark Horse


We are in Boulder, CO at CLASP V, an Interdisciplinary Conference on Culture, Language, and Social Practice, where Laurie is presenting a paper tomorrow. After the presentations this evening, we all went to the Dark Horse Bar & Grill to socialize. One of the organizers told me "You have to come to the Dark Horse. It's one of the most interesting places in Boulder." He was not exaggerating — the place is covered floor to ceiling with interesting stuff.





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360º panorama of The Beach on the Rio Grande that I used to create a virtual tour.


One of the photo ventures that I have been up to lately is learning how to create virtual tours using panorama images. Below are three virtual tours I created using four 360º panoramas. 


A virtual tour of The Beach and The Bosque.

Click here to go to the web page with the tour.


Virtual Tour of the University Heights United Methodist Church's sanctuary.

Click here to go to the web page with the tour.


Virtual Tour of a model home by Pulte Homes on Albuquerque's westside.

Click here to go to the web page with the tour.


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Waiting for Koйot

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Yes Sasha. The world is sick*, depressing.


*Note: Sasha is not sick. She is making a comment on the state of the world.

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Interesting treatment of concreting an irrigation ditch around a cottonwood tree.


The irrigation ditch, bosque and Rio Grande about 8 miles south of us.


Jetti jax all lined up


Bag-O-caterpillers hanging in a cottonwood


Mangled jettis and a cottonwood


View of the Rio Grande with the Sandias in the background 8 miles south of the views I usually post.


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Eye Shine


Walking under 
moonless sky
Flashlight pokes 
Through clouds on high



Face to Face 
Black cows on black
Eyes shine bright
Lights flash, dance



Owl in tree 
In formal dress
Laughs and mocks 
Quite a sight


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Pieces of Blue. Primarily.



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Royal Fork

This is one of the tacky old landmarks that persist in Albuquerque. The Royal Fork Buffet Restaurant was at the corner of 4th and Coal in downtown Albuquerque. The restaurant opened around 1968, and closed in the late 1970's or early 1980's. While we had gone there a few times when I was young, other than the sign, it wasn't really memorable. In trying to find the history of this particular Royal Fork, I saw one reference that said the sign was from 1960, but the first Royal Fork Buffet Restaurant opened in Idaho in 1967.  


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Smoking Up The Skies

Sunset on Sunday, September 3rd. The smoke is adding color but there was not a thick haze.


We are now getting a lot of smoke from the fires in various states northwest and west of New Mexico. The smoke really plays havoc with our sinuses and makes our eyes burn, but it does create beautiful colors for sunsets and moonrises.


What smoke there was, lit the sky behind the clouds on fire.


Tonight the smoke rolled in thick enough for the sun to be viewed as a perfect circle.


Wider-angle shows the gray smoke under otherwise clear skies.




An owl was on top of a dead tree along the river complaining to no end about the smoke.


Orange moonrise from behind the Sandias.


The owl was still complaining as dusk turned to dark.


The smoke turns the almost full moon a soft orange.

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Spunk Fought the Mouse and the Mouse Won Spunk and I were making our rounds on the property together about mid-morning. We were by the wood fence on the south side of the property when I almost stepped on a mouse and it ran up the outside of my pants leg. Spunk knocked it off and went after it, chasing it up and down the fence. Spunk soon discovered it was more like Mighty Mouse. It bit Spunk on the paw, Spunk threw it, it came back at Spunk, Spunk gave the mouse a punch in the face with a left hook, and then they had a face off before the mouse ran under Spunk and made it into the neighbor's yard.  The AWBs insisted on making a music video about the encounter. I said there wasn't time, but they assured me they could do it. So one set about writing lyrics, while another found suitable music. Then they recorded the music track, made the video, then they gave me the video so I could edit in the stills. I've posted the video first, followed by the lyrics, and then selected stills from Spunk's losing fight with the mouse this morning.



Spunk Fought The Mouse
Words by Timothy Price
Performed by AWB
Music by Sonny Curtis


Spunk was a Rockin in the hot sun
Spunk fought the mouse and the mouse won (2x)

Spunk needed action cause he had none
Spunk fought the mouse and the mouse won (2x)

He lost to a mouse and it felt so bad, guess his race was run
It’s not the best fight that he ever had
Spunk fought the mouse and the mouse won (2x)

Go Spunk! Go Spunk! Show that mousy now
Go Spunk! Go Spunk! Show that mousy how

Spunk punched the mouse with a left hook
Spunk fought the mouse and the mouse won (2x)

The mouse won the fight and Spunk lost his fun
Spunk fought the mouse and the mouse won (2x)

He lost to a mouse and it felt so bad, guess his race was run
It’s not the best fight that he ever had
Spunk fought the mouse and the mouse won (2x)

Spunk fought the mouse and the mouse won (4x)



Spunk about to pounce on the mouse.


The mouse jumps up on the fence.


climbs and climbs.


Spunk's strategy is to let the mouse tire himself out climbing the fence.


Spunk makes his move.


Spunk knocks the mouse loose from the fence.


The mouse challenges Spunk.


The mouse tries to get away.


Spunk does a quick grab, the mouse bites Spunk and spunk tosses the mouse in front of him (it all happened so fast I couldn't get the action).


The mouse comes back at Spunk, and Spunk punches the mouse in the face with a left hook.


Un-phased by Spunk's left hook, the mouse challenges Spunk.


They get in each other's faces.


The mouse takes a swing at Spunk.


The mouse ran up on a branch saw the paparazzo with a scary looking device. He turned and made a daring dash under Spunk.


Spunk makes a last dash effort to get the mouse, but the mouse gave Spunk the slip — Spunk put up a good fight, but the mouse won.


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The Persistence of Green Chile Gloves


After posting the blog and working on the third sack of chiles, while the AWBs continued to party on the deck, my iPhone struck eleven, and my Fitbit said I only had 5000 steps, a little over 2 miles, not quite 30 active minutes and 0 floors. I had an hour to get all my goals for the day of 10,000 steps, 5 miles (10,500 steps), 30 active minutes and 10 floors. In the absence of tall buildings and parking garages, we use the ramps on the levee to get floors. So we walked out to the river under a 3/4 moon to see if I could meet my goals in less than an hour's time. Up and down the levee ramps, I got the 10 floors and up to 8,000 steps in 30 minutes. Then I headed north to clock in 1,000 steps and turn around at 9,000 steps, which would leave me with 1,500 steps to get back to the house and meet all my goals for the day. At about the 8,750 mark, I walked up on a coyote fest of several coyotes yelping and whooping up a storm. They were making enough noise the cows in the bosque started mooing at them to shut up. Since I carry a super bright flashlight, I shined it on the the pack and the rout dispersed allowing me to make it to my 9,000 step turn around. I got back to the house at 11:45 pm with 10,600 steps, a little over five miles, 10 floors and well over 30 active minutes. We went back to work on the green chiles, and finished up at 1:30 am. We went to bed, and the AWBs continued partying on the deck.

I got up at 8:30 am to face the mess from the persistence of chile. Four of the AWBs where still partying on the deck, so I gathered them up and had them come inside to help me clean up the aftermath of the green chiles. Needless to say, they were quite useless when it came to helping me clean, so I had to get them to go somewhere else so I could finally get the place cleaned up. Besides, a few chile seeds left on Lola, the counter shined.

You can see an animated GIF of how the Average White Boys helped clean up at:




The Average White Boys where still at it when I brought them inside.


But the thought of helping me made them swagger.


Slowly falling over, slipping to the side, and sliding down in the chair.


All four out for the count.


A clean counter with a only a few seeds left on Lola and the chair.


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The Persistence of Green Chile

Back, left to right, front: green chile martini, green chile beer, green chile milk, green chile red wine, green chile margarita,  green chile white wine, green chile coffee, green chile amaretto on the rocks.


While Laurie worked on pealing, deseeding and sacking green chiles while walking on the treadmill...


The Average White Boys had a green chile harvest fest by sitting on the deck BSing and drinking the fine green chile drinks introduced in the first photo.

You can see the animated GIF of the AWB celebrating at


"Put down that camera and get to work you silly Paparazzo!"


Piles of green chiles waiting to be deseeded and sacked!


Videos to do green chiles to. 


All the roasters going at Wagner's Farms.


Pouring chiles in the roaster.




More fire


More fire and lots of smoke


Chiles hang on for dear life


Roasted chiles are poured out into the a sack when finished.


A partial play list to listen to while skinning, deseeding and sacking green chiles:


Giovanna e Angiolino


J AX - IL BELLO D'ESSER BRUTTI (Official Video - Newtopia)

The Jive Aces & Rebecca Grant - Nothing's Too Good For My Baby

Giovanna e Angiolino

Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

Turbo polka - ATOMIK HARMONIK (Official Video)

Billy Momo - It´s mine - Official video


3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

Theory of a Deadman - Bitch Came Back [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Litfiba - Elettrica

Traktor Polka - ATOMIK HARMONIK (Official HD Video)

The Kooks - Bad Habit

Donatan Cleo feat. Enej - Brać [Official Video]

Articolo 31 - Domani Smetto

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Iván Fischer

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The Few and the Flatulent

I ran out to the river, then down to the beach to see if I could get the pink on the Sandias from the setting sun. There was a soft pink on the Sandias just before the sun went down.


I walked back into the bosque and came face to face with cows wandering around, munching on the foliage. They ran north while I went to see what the sunset was doing. As the dusk began to creep into the bosque, I heard the cows mooing urgently and coyotes howling. I ran toward the sound of the commotion in hopes of photographing a cow vs. coyote fight. I heard a coyote yelping, then silence in the bosque.


Under a half moon, I walked through the bosque and up onto the top of the levee, where I came up between the heard of cows on my left and one cow on my right. We all stopped, stood still and looked at each other.


We were in a true stand-off with no more than twenty feet separating me from the cows on either side. We all stood defiant, hooves and feet planted firmly as we stood our ground.  Silence momentarily fell round us until the cows tried an offensive maneuver and started squeaking out bursts of air, back and forth, until they were playing toccata and flatulence in F Major. I imagined them singing a cow version of Helen Reddy's famous song:

"I am cow hear me roar
With flatulence too loud to ignore
I may look simple, but I do pretend
Cause I’ve let em drop before
Those patties crashing to the floor
Please try to step around my pies

Oh yes, don’t despise
Four stomachs are insane
Yes, reticulum, rumen dice
Omasum, abomasum reduce the grain
If I have to I can eat anything

I am strong
I am invincible
I am a cow"


I added a few toots to the musical merriment — I have to say we had a gas — until the herd decided they had enough and began moseying south on the levee. Now I stood separating an angry cow from the herd, and decided it was best to get off the bank and let it rejoin the herd.


Meanwhile, back in the bosque, Laurie was blocked from joining the "toot-in" by a rather defiant toad who stood his ground asking "Who's that stomping on my trail?" Once he saw it was a beautiful woman, outfitted in rose gold, he let her pass. If it had been a bullfrog blocking the path, he probably would have demanded a kiss before allowing her to pass, but toads have not been known to turn into Princes. Laurie joined me on the levee just as the cows and I finished putting on the airs.


All that gas made for a really nice afterglow at dusk.

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Birds Birds Birds

Seven Flycatchers in Mia's tree


I walked out to the river in the late afternoon before sundown and a nice variety of birds were active.


Flycatcher overhead


Young Cooper's Hawk


Great Blue Heron wading in the Rio Grande




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