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Walking the dog at the corner of 3rd Street and Central (Old Route 66), Downtown Albuquerque.


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A Touch of Orange



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Four Winged Wonders

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Rain & Shine


Standing in the sun
Soaked by the rain
Rainbows double up
Arc over trees
Framing mountains

Sun falls down
Rain dries up
FEDEX glows in
pastel skies 
Over fiery horizon





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Light Queen



Black Swallowtail




Pearl Crescent




Painted Lady

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Repeat Offender


Some of you might recall that about a year and a half (1.5, 1 1/2)* ago, I was banned for life from the parking garage at Second (2nd) Street and Gold Ave., downtown, even though I had been going there every week for a year to photograph the construction of the Imperial Building.  I laid low for a year, but in keeping with trends in Albuquerque, and New Mexico, I became a repeat offender and began walking stairs every weekday starting back in January of of this year. In 2015 I walked the stairs in the New Mexico Bank and Trust Building at Fourth (4th) Street and Gold Ave., but with my compromised immune system, and no immunizations until April and June of this year, I did not want to climb stairs in an enclosed stairwell. The parking structure works well. It takes about eight (8) minutes to walk up the six (6) floors on the west side of the structure, across the top, down the stairs on the east side, back up the stairs on the east side, back across the top, and back down the stairs on the west side. That gives me twelve (12) floors on my Fitbit and I get sixteen (16) floors when I climb the access stairs to the top of the elevator shaft.

Albuquerque is a crime ridden city according to all the stats, and Lavu, a software company downtown, threatened to move if the city didn't do something about the panhandlers and crime in the area. The city stepped up police presence in downtown, and the parking structure now has extra security people watching for missfits and recidivists who have been banned for life from the parking garage. 

Bruce often goes with me to walk stairs, and today we were stopped by security, and, looking at me, they asked "Aren't you the photographer that was banned for life last year?" I, the repeat offender, parking garage criminal I am, acted totally shocked about such a question and answered "No! It was him!" and pointed at Bruce. "Don't you remember? How could you forget banning that guy?"  The guards look askance at me, and then eyed Bruce for a second before they said "I remember now!" You're coming with us." They escorted Bruce out of the garage, around by the train tracks, and locked him in the clink, which is a grated kiosk above Central Ave. (Old Route 66) at the railroad tracks. I always wondered what they used that kiosk for. Now I know.


The time it takes to walk the steps on both sides of the parking garage.


The kiosk clink


Bruce locked away, sticking his paw out like a cat.


Bruce acting like a cat behind bars sympathizing with Tesla.

*Written numbers with Arabic numerals for Mia. We had a discussion about that today — A Freeze Dried Empire.

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Compact ING

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Keep on Truckin'

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In The Slammer



Lane's kitty, Tesla, is in the slammer.  Tesla has been on the blog before playing with balloons, and on his cat tree in bow ties, but that's when he was on his better behavior. Lane went to visit Tesla in the kitty Bastille and sent me these photos of poor Tesla behind bars. All the photos today were done by Lane.





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Beach, Bosque, Cone Heads



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Not So Good Vibrations

A tongue tested 9 volt battery.


One of the lingering side effects of chemotherapy is nerve damage, and bouts with nerves slowing dying off. When the nerves are going into their death spirals, they vibrate, like a cellphone on vibrate, and they send electric spikes through my muscles and along my bones. When I don't have my cell phone, I stand there and try to answer myself.  Laurie asked what the nerves shocks felt like and I told her "It's like when you put your tongue on a 9 volt battery!" Surprisingly enough, Laurie said she had never put her tongue on a 9 volt battery.  I was a little shocked by that realization, because I thought most everyone my age had put their tongues on 9 volt batteries when they were kids. It was all the rage when I was young, and, besides the fun of it, it's one way to test a 9 volt battery to see how much juice is left in it. I did a poll at the office and most of the men had put their tongues on 9 volt batteries, and about a third of the women had done it. While some of the women said, "No! That's what the boys did!" they did confess to playing with mercury. Funny that more people in my poll had played with mercury than put their tongues on 9 volt batteries. Of course, most of us tongue shockers played with mercury, also. Laurie wasn't brave enough to put her tongue on a 9 volt battery to see how my nerves feel, but Lola, Spunk and the Mad Mac all tried it.   Have you ever put your tongues on 9 volt batteries?



To lick or not to lick? That is the question!


Lola revving up her tongue for a quick lick.


"Wow! That was something."


"Hello! I love you, my shocking little Duracell."


Spunk: "You really want me to lick this thing?" Me: "Just give those two silver thingies a little snaky lick."


"Here goes."


"Whoa! You didn't tell me it would be shocking."


The Mad Mac had the same reaction as Spunk.


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Blue to Gray

Blue sky with clouds building up in the east at 6:30 pm


Dark sky to the west at 8:00 pm


Sun breaks through and lights the tops of the trees for a few minutes at 8:15 pm


Cloud cover and thundershowers on the Sandias at 8:34 pm


Heavy cloud cover with rain in the distance at 8:45 pm

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The Persistence Of Donut

The first time I posted a photo of this donut was March 22, 2017. See it at Big Red Road Kill.


Bruce called this "The Stairway to Hell!" He said if you walk out the door you're going straight to the bottom.




A bear behind



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Silver and Spunk lounging in the catio.





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A Tell Tail Beaver

Beaver slipping into the foliage on the sandbar in the middle of the river.


A walked out to the river shortly before sundown, and as I walked up to the river's edge, a beaver was climbing up the bank of the sandbar across from where I stood. By the time I got my camera up and focused, he was disappearing into the foliage that covers the sandbar. I stood on the bank, photographed the Sandias in full sunshine, and watched to see if the beaver would come back out of the foliage. About 5 minutes later, he reemerged with his mouth full of tamarisk cuttings. He slipped down the bank, into the river, and then swam about 100 yards down stream where he stopped along the bank and seemed to be eating the tamarisk. The sun went down, the mountains turned red, and he was in the same place with his tamarisk cuttings when I walked back out to the ditch bank and photographed the sunset.


The sandbar is in the shade in the middle of the photo. The bosque on the opposite bank of the Rio Grande is catching the tail edge of the light from the low sun.


Beaver sliding down the bank toward the water with his mouth full of tamarisk.


He paused for a second and I got a closer shot. I was surprised how much the beaver looks like a little bear.


Sliding into the river.


Swimming downstream with his tamarisk.


Sitting along the bank snacking on the tamarisk.


The Sandias turned hot pink in the sunset.


The sunset was partly cloudy and orange.

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A Helping Hawk

Copper's Hawk: "Hey there! Whatcha doing?" Me: "I'm looking for my glasses that got knocked off my face cutting down elm trees."


Cooper's Hawk: "I have an eagle eye! Can I help?" Me: "I need all the help I can get. Thanks!"

Cooper's Hawk: "I don't see your glasses around here." Me "I wasn't over there when I lost them."


Cooper's Hawk: "Okay, I'll come down closer to where you are." Me: "That would be much better."


Cooper's Hawk: "I'm looking. By the way, what do glasses look like?"  Me: "Like the one's that I'm wearing. These are my spare pair."


Cooper's Hawk: "I see. I don't see anything that looks like your glasses right off the wing."


Cooper's Hawk: "Oh! Wait! is that them?" Me: "Do you see them?"


Cooper's Hawk: "Sorry. It wasn't them. I have to go find a mouse or bird for dinner. All that looking for your glasses made me hungry."


Cooper's Hawk: "¡Adios! Until next time. I hope you find your glasses." Me: "Thank's for the help Coop. Have a nice dinner on whatever you find."

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Three newborn Western Tiger Swallowtail butterflies (Papilio rutulus) paid us a visit to feed on one of our butterfly bushes and trumpet vines. Since they were newborn and hungry, they paid no attention to the pesky paparazzo, so I was able to get them from all sides — up and down, underneath, sideways, top, front, and back. 













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Rorschach Crows


Unsettled inkblots taken flight
Overhead high desert sky
Rorschach crows fly on by

Caws call spirits
Oedipus and Freud
Complex simple to avoid

Twisted minds shape 
Black and white
Unsettled inkblots taken flight







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Fourth Fireworks on the 5th

















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