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S Sn Sna Snak SNAKE!


I heard rustling around in the bathroom, went to investigate and Najar was Jumping straight up in the air from inside the bathtub. I walked up to discover she had a little bull snake in the bathtub, which was striking at her and make her jump straight up in the air.  I rescued the poor little snake from Najar, and while I was holding the snake at the counter, Spunk came up and started rubbing on me. When he saw the snake, he jumped straight up in the air and barely touched the counter when he came down before he was on the floor giving me the rather puzzled look in the above photo. After I showed the cute little bull snake to Laurie, I took it out and let it go in a large pile of branches where the cats wouldn't get it again (at least right away).

Later I went out to round up the kitties and Silver was pestering something by the fence, which turned out to be a western coachwhip snake. I took Silver inside, and went back out to find Marble pestering the snake. I took Marble inside and went back outside to get photos of the snake. It was a little worked up between the dog on the other side of the fence, and Silver and Marble pestering it. So it was in my face, sticking its tongue in and out in a purposeful and threatening manner. I finally gather up the coachwhip snake, which turned out to be about four feet long, and took him to the large pile of branches where he would have better protection. You can see an animated GIF I put together of him tongueing at

A few days later, Lane, Suzette, Jim, Ann and I were walking on the ditch bank when Suzette yelled that a snake was chasing them. I went back to find a large bull snake crawling along the edge of the bank, but it headed down the bank into sticks and leaves when I walked up. I got one photo of it, then I tried to get it back up on the bank where I could get clear photos of it out of the sticks and leaves, but it hissed and struck at me and put up a lot of resistance before slipping through the fence.  Lane had mentioned earlier that he thought the difference between bull snakes and gopher snakes was that bull snakes chase you. I've never been chased by a bull snake, but it certainly seemed to be going after Ann and Suzette.


The cute little bull snake I rescued from Najar.


Western Coachwhip snake


It got in my face about the cats pestering it.




Skirt chasing bull snake.

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The Little Owl Who Couldn't

Little Owl: "I'm going to break out of this hole!" Fat Owl: "Okey Dokey."


Big Owl: "Go for it."

Little Owl: "Here goes..."


Fat Owl: "I say there. You're embarrassing me, boy!"


Elvis: "Come on Little Owl. You can do it."


Little Owl: "I can do it! I can do it!" Fat Owl: "I say there. You're ridiculous, boy!"


Little Owl: "AAaahhh! I getting sucked back into the black hole." Fat Owl: "I don't believe what I'm seeing."


Fat Owl: "Good job there my boy." Little Owl: "$%*@#$ hole!"


Little Owl: "What now?" Fat Owl: "I haven't a clue."


Big Owl: "Ha ha ha ha. Great show dude!"


Little Owl: "Not funny. Big Owl!" Fat Owl: "I haven't a clue!"


In unison: "Who asked you, Elvis?"


Elvis: "Not his best. Not his best at all!"


Little Owl: "What are you gawking at you stupid paparazzo?"


Fat Owl: "I think that stupid paparazzo is gawking at you"


Little Owl: "I'm going back in my hole."


Fat Owl: "That's all folks!"


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We Got a Little Rain Today


After months of zero precipitation, we got a little rain today. An afternoon thunderstorm pelted us with large drops of heavy rain and a little bit of hail for about 30 minutes around 2:00 pm. I heard on the radio that emergency crews were involved in a swift water rescue in the large drainage channel that separates the east and west bound lanes on I-40. According to one website, one person was killed and five others rescued from swift water in flooding arroyos around the metro area this afternoon. I checked the rain gage first thing when I got home and we received 0.18 inch of rain at our house. The National Weather Service website is reporting 0.17 inch of rain for Albuquerque.






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Muskrats Abstracts



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Fifth Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr Huey Tour


We had our 5th Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr Huey Tour today. With so many of our other roses blooming early and almost bloomed out, we were thinking Dr Huey might be bloomed out by the time we had a free weekend for the tour. But Dr Huey was still in full bloom all over Corrales.


Our giant Dr Huey



One of Antonio's Dr Hueys




The giant climbing Dr Huey on West Ella.


Dr Huey at the vineyard.


Another of our fine Dr Hueys



Dr Huey with Peace


One of our iris gardens with Dr Huey.


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Let Us Entertain You

Ooh! Do you see what mama has?


The owlets and their mama have become the nightly entertainment this week.

Mama owl with a garter snake.


Owlet 1: "What are you doing?" Owlet 2: "That snake was great. I'm Flying! Can't you tell?"


"This is how you fly!"


"And like this!"


"Okay. I'm done you can come out now!"


Owlet 2: "Are you really done? Are you sure it's really safe?" Owlet 1: "Yes. I'm sure."


"It looks like all those silly people are still watching us."


Intermission — Sliver moon and Venus over cottonwoods at dusk.


Owlet 1: "Do you see mama anywhere?" Owlet 2: "Is that her?"


Owlet lounging higher in the tree late in the afternoon.


Squint like Clint in the bright afternoon light.


"Is that mama with dinner?"


"What are you looking at you stupid paparazzo?"


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Inside Looking Out



“Ice cold water is runnin' through my veins.
They try and drag me back to work again.
Pain and blisters on my mind and hands.Ӡ
Flying all day dropping three tons of bombs.††



Nose gunner




Cockpit panorama


Bomb bay


Bomb bay looking at cockpit


Radios looking into ammo belt feeders over belly turret


Ammo belts over belly turret


Ammo belts where they feed into belly turret


Tail fin


Machine gun






Rear entrance


Tail gunner





†Verse from "Inside-Looking Out”. 1966 single by the Animals. Also recorded by Grand Funk Railroad in 1969.
†† My version of the last line of the verse.

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Two Doors Down...

Two owlets looking at us gawking at them.


Two doors down the owls have owlets that are cute and having a party poking their heads up above the edge of the hollow in the cottonwood, bobbing their heads from side to side, and hissing at the dog in the yard that was barking at us. The light was low as the sun had set behind the owlets, and the canopy of the cottonwoods cut the light down even more. The camera was having a hard time focusing on the owlets as autofocus was going for the cottonwood, so I had to use manual focus in the low light.  Mama owl landed in a cottonwood tree across the ditch from the owlets. Since she was facing west, there was enough light on her to get a good exposure.


This shot looks like there might be three owlets.


Mama owl


The blurry owlet is bobbing from side to side.


Another shot that looks like a third owl on the left.

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Three Bat Abstractions are the result of bats buzzing me last night after sunset.



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Repo Man

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Macros 4 Mother's Day

Solar system balloon


Loki, Lola and I were still in bed at sunrise. Loki was sprawled out from my thighs to my stomach, purring therapeutically as I scritched him around his face. Lola was laying on my right arm and shoulder with her head snuggled under my chin. We were all quite comfortable enjoying a peaceful morning.  Our scratch and purr fest ended abruptly when Loki and Lola sat up straight to the swooshing sound of burners. Both of the kitties ran across my chest to the window to see what was making the noise. They probably recognized the sound of the balloons' burners, and were looking for the balloons — all our cats love watching hot air balloons when they float over the house. I got up, grabbed my camera and walked out the front door to find two black balloons passing overhead. One was solid black, the other had the solar system on it. I made coffee using Coconut Almond Delight flavored beans for Laurie's coffee, and the usual dark roast beans for my coffee.  I did a few chores before going outside to drag hoses around and start drip systems on the Sunday rotation. I noticed a lot of bees, tiny butterflies and a ladybug were foraging in the flowers and purple salvia every time I went out to check on water, take breaks from research, and while I was walking back and forth from the grill preparing our mother's day meal. The bees, butterflies and ladybug called for me to use a macro lens for Mother's Day.


All black









Dr. Huey joined us on the deck




The ladybug was shy and kept hiding behind leaves.



Crab spider reminded me it was time to prepare our mother's day meal.


I thew a couple of streaks and giant shrimp on the grill.


Prepared corn, seasoned fries, salad, and topped the steaks with green chile and extra sharp cheddar cheese.


My steak was medium rare. Laurie likes hers more on the rare side. All was delicious.


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Open 4 Mother's Day

Spunk and Lola think it's about time I got my butt into gear, cleaned and opened the deck.


I got new flowers to plant in the pots around the deck, cleaned up the deck, and opened the deck for mother's day. Tomorrow we are going to do some grilling and party with the kitties between all the stuff that has to be done to finish up the school year.









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A Tail and Two Temperatures



There are really four temperatures represented, but I'm comparing two each of the temperatures — 1) indoor/outdoor and 2) under canopy/in the shade. The second photo of our weather station screen shows an indoor temperature of 70.2ºF and an indoor humidity of 55% at 18:13. The outdoor temperature is 90.7ºF and the outdoor humidity is 12%. So how is it the indoor temperature is so much cooler and the humidity so much higher than it was outdoors? I'm running an evaporative cooler, also known as a "swamp cooler". The reason the outdoor humidity is at 12% is because I irrigated last night and the ground around the outdoor thermometer is saturated. According the the Weather Channel, the relative humidity in Albuquerque at 18:15 was 8%. 

The temperature by Lola's tail around 18:00 was about 88ºF under the canopy on the deck. The temperature on the thermometer hanging on the fence in the shade behind Rio Samba at 18:05 was about 84ºF. It was 4 degrees cooler in the shade than on the deck. The deck was 2 degrees cooler than out in the open, and the outdoor humidity was low enough, that the swamp cooler was able to keep the house 20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature.



Rio Samba


You are really silly. You know that don't you?

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New Fountain


I was following the demolition of the old fountain and construction of this new fountain last year (,, but between dealing with foot pain and changes in schedule, I had not taken a walk to Civic Plaza in months. I walked by it the other morning and the new fountain was running.





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Rough Love

Love. Rough around the edges.


Tuscan Sun




Pink Iceberg


Betty Boop

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Bovine, Bats & Beaver





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Osprey Overhead

The osprey were silhouettes against the cloudy sky.


We were on the beach when Laurie said "what bird is that?" A very large bird was flying close to the water, but we couldn't tell what it was in the low, flat light under overcast skies. I thought maybe is was a heron, but Laurie said it didn't look like how a heron flies. It flew over us, pretty close, but flew right on by. Even though it was a silhouette against the overcast sky, I recognized it was an Osprey. Soon a second Osprey flew up and then circled overhead checking us out before it continued flying north after the first Osprey. With a lot of adjustments, I was able to get pretty good detail out of the silhouettes. Osprey are not desert birds in the least, so they either breed along the Rio Grande (we get Mississippi Kites that come to breed in the Rio Grande Valley) or the Osprey migrate along the Rio Grande, because I see them about this time every year.


The flat light along the river looking south. The two Osprey were flying north just above the water along this stretch of the river.











Flying directly overhead looking down at the silly paparazzo.


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Big Balled Wizard The AWB are at it again with another parody video. This one is lamenting Sliver’s big beautiful balls, which he lost when we had him neutered. I think he recovered better than we did. Lyrics are posted below the video for your reading pleasure.


Big Balled Wizard


Big Balled Wizard

Music: Pete Townshend
Lyrics: Timothy Price
Vocals: AWB
Silver Kitty: Silver
Vet: Anonymous

When he was a young cat
He had big silver balls
He laid out on the counter
On display to one and all
Ain’t seen nothing like them
In any amusement hall

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.

He laid there like Adonis 
He licked his silver things
Feeling proud and smug
He always kept them clean
His pride and intuition
He showed them off to all

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.

He was a big balled wizard
But with an evil twist
The big balled wizard he lost his catliness

Why did we have to do it
I don’t know
His balls they looked so good

He didn’t have no distractions
Didn’t care about buzzers and bells
Surgery lights were flashing
He thought he was in hell
Doesn’t want a replay
He never saw them fall

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.

So we had to take on the big bally king
We just took away his big ball crown from him

When he lays out on the table
He doesn’t get no rest
He’s cute when he’s all sprawled out
You can see he’s lost his best
His tail’s like a crazy weiner
He never saw them fall…

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.


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