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30 degree free fall
Warm skies turn cold
Blue to gray, gray to white

Hailstorm blinds
Muddy water
Speed slowed a restricted flow

Weakened state
Joints ache
Rake claws at drowning leaves

Clouds part
Slivered sunshine
Blue skies peek through

Sun falls
Dusk settles
Gray clouds devour reds and yellows

Darkness covers
spreading waters
A long night lies ahead










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Big Red Road Kill


Murder in the alley
A bloody mess
Dead donut impaled
C# concertina
Stollen wheels
Sad loss for homeless 
Infinite arches
Screened for the fight
Madrid in daylight
Castle and Bar
Dreams cancelled









]]> (Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos) Albuquerque C# El Madrid Bar arches art cancelled castle concertina wire downtown dreams light lighting photography razor wire shopping cart Thu, 23 Mar 2017 03:28:20 GMT
Mr. Muskrat


Mr. Muskrat swimming in the clearwater ditch.



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Silver Kitty



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Signs of Spring





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Worms Then & Now

Left to right: Laurie, Ann, Jim, Liz, Leah, Lane circa 1985.


Thirty years ago when I was photographing weddings for a local studio, I was very conscious of "worms" (fingers sticking out over shoulders and from around waistlines) especially when doing group photos. So the Mogfords wanted to to do a family photo with as many "worms" showing as possible. All of the family are in town this weekend, so Ann wanted to recreate the "worms" photo.


Left to right: Laurie, Ann, Jim, Liz, Leah, Lane 2017.

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Bicycle Love

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Civic Plaza. Downtown Albuquerque, NM.


Convention Center. Downtown Albuquerque, NM.

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Too Bad


On cold gray walk
Hot tamales spilled
Cold winter sun
Rays slowly soften
A ride to hitch
Poor unsuspecting sole



]]> (Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos) Hot Tamales art light lighting photography sidewalk walk Thu, 16 Mar 2017 01:57:47 GMT
π Down, Billy Momo Up

Sunset for Π day


The sun has set on Π Day. Some people brought in pie, because many people pronounce Π as "pie"; but then the Greeks pronounce Π as "pee", so those who pronounce Π as "pee" should have drank a lot of water for Π day. Or to be bi with Π they could have eaten pie and drank (have drunk for purists) a lot of water. Whatever! It all seems circular to me.

But then there is Bill Momo. Never heard of Billy Momo? Neither had I until they decided to follow my blog on WordPress. I always check out followers to see if their blogs are interesting, and Billy Momo turned out to be a Swedish music group made up of Tomas Juto, Oskar Hovell and a few other musicians. Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell ran off into the woods, made some music together and emerged from the woods as Billy Momo. You can check out their blog at

I checked out several of their videos on YouTube and was quite taken with their music. It has a really nice folk/rock sound to it with a good bit of sarcasm. They did a song called "Wishing Ain't No Sin" that was on "Better Call Saul", which is a very good song. If you have a few minutes check it out at One of my favorite videos so far is called "It's Mine". You can see it at


Sunrise for Billy Momo

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Muskrat Speed


I saw a muskrat at warp speed today
Disturbed the light
Made it fray
Split water streaked by light
Illuminating sparks
On the edge of night


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Street Cypher

At the corner of 4th Street and Central (Old Route 66) in Downtown Albuquerque

]]> (Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos) Albuquerque Route 66 Street Cypher art downtown light lighting photography sidewalk Mon, 13 Mar 2017 00:34:37 GMT
Ach Nein! Nine Gnari*

The black kitty formerly known as Midnight†


We enter the age of Aquarius
Clawing at the cuffs of Heaven
Fluorine feline in the household
A clowder of kitties

Novem gatti
Fruits of the Spirit
Nine worthies, three of each 
But who can say which
Pagans, Christians, Jews?

All piled together
Napping nonagon de gnari
Like the symphonies of Beethoven
Each plays their way
Into our hearts






Vanessa, who gave us Spunk, is a real cat magnet. She's been living in Northern New Mexico for the past year, and in January, she found these three kittens. They were abandoned in fifteen degree weather and eight foot snow drifts piled up on each side of the road. She rescued all three, but she will probably be moving, so we have taken them in.  We now have nine kitties in the house.

*I'm mixing three languages in the title: German, English and Fula. Gnari is said to mean Cat in the Fula language, New Guinea. I'm assuming the "G" is silent.

†While Midnight is a good name for a black cat, we decided that since we have four black cats, he needs a less obvious name. Since he is more mysterious than Marble and Silver, we are waiting to see what name will best suit his personality.

The poem is all about Nine:
Nine is said to be lucky in Aquarius, and nine is believed to symbolize divine completeness. Fluorine is the atomic number nine, a clowder is a group of cats, and there are nine fruits of the Spirit. Jacques de Longuyon wrote “Voeux du Paon”, a popular 14th century romance, where he introduced the “Nine Worthies”— three Pagans, three Christians and three Jews: Hector, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar; King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon; Joshua, David, and Judas Maccabeus — who were historical, legendary and scriptural figures that characterized the ideals of chivalry in the Middle Ages. A nonagon is a nine sided polygon, and Beethoven wrote nine symphonies.



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Dirt, Deals, Surreal



Seal the deal


Scene behind the screen or painted?




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Jake's Space

Looks like Jake has a new truck sitting "Off Road" in the space reserved for Jake.

]]> (Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos) FX4 Jake Off Road art do not park here light lighting photography reserved Fri, 10 Mar 2017 03:18:17 GMT
He Lit Up Our Lives

In the summer of 2011, I was getting spam mail from Kevin, the secretary and Kevin's boss at RKL about a big architectural LED lighting show they were sponsoring. I called Kevin and asked what all the spam mail was about, and he said I had to go to the show because it would be the coolest show ever.  The day of the show, I dropped Laurie off at the University and then dropped by the LED light show on my way to the office. Kevin introduced me to all the vendors who showed me a lot of really cool LED lighting that had just come on the market. As I was leaving, Kevin asked if I had put my name in for the drawing. I had not, so I walked back to the table, filled out the form, and dropped in the the box. I paid no attention to what the prize was, because I never win drawings like that.

A little after 5:00 that afternoon, I got a call. Kevin was on the line — "Dude" he said "You won!" I asked him what he was talking about. I had forgotten all about the drawing. "The drawing!" Kevin said "You won the drawing!"   "Oh! The thing I filled out at the show?" I replied. "Yeah man! You Won!" Kevin said excitedly. "What did I win?" I asked sounding confused. "Oh dude. Don't you even know what you put in for on the drawing?" He asked. "All I remember is you asking me to enter the drawing. I didn't pay attention to what the drawing was for." I told him. "It's a 55 inch Samsung LED Screen and a blue ray player." He said. "Wow!" I replied "I had no idea. That's amazing." "Congratulations!" Kevin said as we discussed when and how I was going to get my prize.

Fast forwarding to the present, as part of the painting we had done at the office over Christmas break in December, I had a glass sign made with ARC’s logo etched in it. I got the signed mounted on the wall at the entrance to the office at the end of January. We had been looking at how to light the sign, so I called Kevin the day after I mounted the sign to see if he had any lighting solutions. We had purchased all of the lighting fixtures in the office from RKL over the years based on Kevin's recommendations. He was a great salesman — he could converse intelligently on most any subject, he remembered everybody’s names, and he had a great sense of humor. We had also developed a good friendship over the many years I knew him as we had many interests in common. 

I dialed Kevin on January 31, 2017 — “Hi Kevin. Tim. I just installed an etched glass sign that I need to light.” 
“How thick is the glass?” he asked “1/4 inch? perfect, I have just what you need. Are you available this afternoon? I have to go by the storage unit and get the kit, and then I’ll swing by in about an hour or so.”

About an hour later Kevin showed up with a bag of various LED light strips made to be mounted on the edge of 1/4 glass, The strips direct light through the glass illuminating the area etched in the glass.

Kevin held the light strip on the bottom, and then on the top of the sign while I photographed it. We figured out the length of the LED strip, and the temperature of the light we needed to order based on the manufacturer’s specs. Kevin sent me a quote for the light a few days later, and I dropped a check off with the order on February 8, 2017. It would take about six weeks for the light strip to be delivered. 

I learned that Kevin died on Saturday, March 4th last Monday. I was shocked and sad. During the last conversation we had, only a month ago, we talked about lighting, music, bicycles and cameras, and we were planning to go out to lunch when the lights came in. Sadly, his funeral was today and I will never share another lunch with Kevin.

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Cold Cat Morning


When I got up this morning at 06:20, the temperature in the bedroom  was 52º F (11.1º C), and the outside temperature was 21º F (-6.1º C). I tucked Rosencrantz in before going off to do my morning routine of giving Spunk, Sasha and Najar their soft food, making coffee, and getting the birds up; but since Lola had lost her warm body (me), she moved over to Laurie who was still in bed with Diné. Laurie got up not long after I did, and since Lola still wanted a warm body to lay on, Rosencrantz, who was sleeping soundly, tucked in under those cosy covers, was Lola's best bet for a warm body. So Lola moved herself over and laid on top of Rosencrantz. Even though I had turned up to heat to 60º F (16.6º C) on the thermostat in the dance room, it was barely up to 55º F (12.8º C) in the bedroom when Laurie got up; therefore, Rosencrantz was not about to get out from under those warm, cosy covers, and simply looked up to see what the pesky paparazzo was taking pictures of when I was photographing the kitties in all their cuteness.  





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First Butterfly 2017



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The Beach

Our own "private beach" — just a hop, skip and a jump away.



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Another Saturday in a Life

A letter from my grandfather to his mother, France1918.


Aujourd'hui j'ai vu l'aube dis donc 
un anneau de feu emplissait le ciel 
les jaunes poussaient les rouges 
pourpres vers le gris
la lumière du soleil se battait
mais les nuages refusaient de se rendre

Aujourd'hui j'ai vu les corbeaux voler 
vers le nord
les vents du sud les portaient
sur les berges j'ai écouté sans succès 
Silence des grues

Aujourd'hui j'ai vu des canards dis donc 
Couleur cannelle, derrière les roseaux 
les abattis des castors gisaient sur les rives
la digue rompue, forcée par l'homme

Aujourd'hui j'ai vu la première fleur 
ouverte alors que le soleil se glissait à 
travers le gris
le jaune poussait à travers les feuilles 
sèches et brunes
fermée tôt
avant que le soleil se couche

Aujourd'hui j'ai vu le crépuscule dis donc 
l'est rose se glissait à travers le gris 
le vent tombé, l'obscurité tout autour
les hiboux hululant appellent 
la nuit à la vie


Paris, France, 2013.


Notre Dame. Paris, France 2013.


Crow near the Louvre. Paris, France, 2013.


Ducks near the Louvre. Paris, France, 2013.


The Beaver. Book of Beasts, circa 1230 CE


Yellow flower. Paris, France, 2013.


Dusk. Paris, France, 2013


Night Owls. Book of Beasts, circa 1230 CE


Anne, somewhere in France, February, 2017, graciously offered to translate the poem I wrote for the "Saturday in a Life" post into French. She did a beautiful translation that Marina used in her translating class at UNM. She had her students translate the French back to English and then compare it to the original. I asked Anne if there was anything she wanted me to say about her in this post she wrote: "when I was young, I wanted to be a translator or an interpreter. I was and I'm very found of literature and above all, English literature: that's why, when I first read your poem, so perfect in its simplicity (and matching so well with your pictures), it pleased me so much that I wanted to translate it."

I thought about what photos I wanted to use for "Another Saturday in a Life". The beavers had built a new dam on the clear ditch, but a week later the Conservancy had not torn it out yet and the cinnamon ducks had moved on. Jerri dropped by this afternoon and told us she was getting reading for a trip to Provence, France. We were showing her photos of the villages we visited in Provence in 2013, and I got the idea to see what I had from Paris in 2013 and use photos from Paris to illustrate the poem.  Since there are no beavers in Paris that I know of, and I didn't happen to photograph any owls, either, I photographed the pages on the beaver and the night owls from my facsimile of the Book of Beasts, circa 1230 CE.

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