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We are leaving to the airport in a few hours, so we my be gone with the gargoyles when you see this post. We got up early Sunday morning and went out to Notre Dame when it opened. No lines, but a steady stream of people came in for mass. After walking around inside for a while after mass, we went out and I attempted to make a reservation to go up in the towers. We've been having a lot of trouble with phones, computers and applications this trip and making a reservation for the towers at Notre Dame was no exception. The mobile app kept giving me errors, so I had to use the reservation kiosk on the sidewalk, and after two attempts I got a confirmation on the screen, but I never received the confirmation text on my phone, which has been pretty standard all week with various apps for museums.


I had made a reservation for 11:40, so we went over to the entrance for the towers at 11:20 and told one of the attendants that I had made reservations, but never got a text. He directed us to another attendant who was staging people, and we explained to him the best we could that I had registered for 11:40, but never received a text, and asked what we should do. He put us in line and told us to wait. When he got all the 11:40 people together, he had us go into the staging area, and we continued on from there.


There was another couple there who apparently were having similar problems with reservations. A man came up and asked me if I spoke English, and if I had a confirmation that looked like what he had on his phone. I told him I had not received a text message. Although, I noticed whatever he had on his phone did not look like what other people had on their phones. He walked up to the attendant who had put us in line, showed him his phone, and appeared to be demanding that the attendant do something. The attendant shooed him out onto the edge of the sidewalk, told him to go away, and then went back to staging people. The man and his wife walked off grumbling. 


Another famous gargoyle.


Did you know there is an elephant gargoyle?


There's even a gargoyle to deal with cranky tourists.


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Fashion Wheels


A family waiting at a crosswalk on their wheels. They rolled across the street with the pedestrians and turned into the garden at the Medieval Museum. Having a set of wheels for each family member is a really good solution to getting the family around Paris without driving and parking a car.



Tonight's sunset.


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A Long Walk Into The Past The Holy Chapel


We walked fives miles east to Château of Vincennes, which is outside of Paris proper. With all the photo distractions along the way, walking all the way around the site on the outside of the walls, and exploring the chapel and castle, our Fitbits recorded 33,000 steps, 15 miles, and 37 floors. We left the hotel around 12:30 pm and got back at 9:00 pm. 


Château of Vincennes is built on the site of a 12th century hunting lodge that was in the Vincennes forest. At the beginning of the 100 years war, John II started Château of Vincennes in 1350 and worked on it until the end of his reign in 1364. Charles V completed it around 1370. Château of Vincennes has played a major role in French history. Monarchs took refuge in it during the 16th and 17th centuries and there was construction on it until 1682 when Louis XIV moved to Versailles. After that Château of Vincennes was no longer a royal residence, however, beginning with the revolution it was used as an arsenal. On March 16, 1808, Napoleon consolidated his military, and, by decree, leveled the wall towers to adapt the site for modern artillery.




The stormy weather helped create a medieval atmosphere at the château.


Courtyard on the left. Moat on the right.


castle entrance.


Inside the castle walls.


The first clock tower.


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Gargoyle in a Bubble



After the conference let out yesterday afternoon, we stopped by a boulangerie patisserie and got a bocadillo, quiche and chocolate cake to go, and took our dinner to the park behind Notre Dame. While we ate our dinner, we watched rats run between our feet to get to the garden, and got buzzed by large wood pigeons trying to decide which trees they wanted to roost in for the night. Laurie was trying to go over her paper she presented today, but then we got ran out of the park at 9:15 pm by the security guard closing the park. On the way to the west side of Notre Dame, I got a photo of the sunset with Notre Dame before we walked up to the front of the Cathedral where Laurie finished going over her paper, and I photographed the various happenings.


The rats are fast, so I couldn't get a shot of them running to the garden. This one paused for a moment, which allowed me to get a photo before it scurried off under the cover of garden plants.


Wood Pigeons goose stepping



Love hurts. Love locks.


Dinner on the Seine.




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The Twelve

Apostles on the SW corner.


There is an effort going on the clean up and restore the exterior of Norte Dame. The twelve Apostles look nice and clean.


There most of the people in the photo are waiting in a very long line to get into Notre Dame. The line has three bends in it across the plaza.


Apostles on the SE corner.


Notre Dame at golden hour.


Apostles on the NE corner.


View from the south bank on the Seine.


Apostles on the NW corner. I did not have a photo of these Apostles because it's impossible to get a shot of them from the street. Since there was no one in the room across from our room in the hotel, the porter let me in the room so I could get this shot through the skylight.


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World Cup Madness

Watching the game at one of many bars.


If, by chance, you don't know the outcome of the World Cup Soccer final, France beat Croatia 4-2. The streets of Paris close to Notre Dame were filled with fans celebrating the win until the early hours this morning.


Fans overflowed into the streets to watch the game from outside bars.



Fans celebrating in the street after France scores the first point of the game.




Fans poured into the streets yelling, screaming and singing at the end of the game.



Fans dance, scream, splash and sing in a fountain.


The lion looks like it's cheering with the fans.




Fireworks filled the air with colored smoke. Red and blue smoke covered up the white smoke.

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Fly, Fly Away


We are flying off to Paris tomorrow. I most likely will not post a blog tomorrow, and it depends on what's going on Sunday after we get to Paris whether I post a blog or not. Sunday is the World Cup final with France playing Croatia for the World Cup Title.









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View From The Parking Lot

Monsoon season is underway. I had to stop by the pharmacy on the way home. The afternoon thunderheads were building up over the Sandias.


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Cat Trap


We are off to Paris, France on Saturday, and the cats are going to be shut in with the catio being their only connection to the outside world for 10 days while we are gone. They will go crazy being shut inside now that they have been able to go outside and come back inside as they please during the day for the past several months. Therefore, I'm sure they will rush the front door and try to slip outside when Laurie's parents come over to feed them.

Since Loki, Silver and Marble are afraid of everyone but us, and they freak out, run and hide whenever other people come in the house, if they got out while we are gone, Laurie's parents would have a really difficult time getting them back in. If we left the kitty door to the outside open while we are gone, we would come home to a house full of bunnies, lizards and birds, since we have been taking away two or three lizards a day from the kitties that they bring into the house, a couple of birds a week, and Silver has brought three baby bunnies and a gopher into the house over the past six weeks.

While thinking about how to minimize the risk of the kitties getting out while we are gone, I got the bright idea to wire-in the porch at the front door, so it's like a vestibule or "cat trap". That way if the kitties rush the door and slip out, they will be trapped in the wired-in porch, making it easier to get them back inside.

Using scrap wood, an old door, and wire from the infinite shed of doom, I got most of the cat trap built last night, so this morning Spunk and Silver were checking out my work from the outside looking in. Since it's new, they were quite excited about it, and Laurie said they made a big deal out of coming in and going out through the door on the cat trap all day. I finished the cat trap tonight, and let silver slip out the front door to test it. He started to make a break for the great outdoors, but he was stopped the the cat trap's closed door. He then walked the perimeter of the cat trap, look up and saw wire covered the top, decided there was no way out, and came back inside. Success!




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Big & Small

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Najar @ 6400


Close ups of Najar illuminated by the lights over the counter — 200mm, ƒ/5.6, 1/80, ISO 6400.



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Western Tiger Swallowtail & Sunbeams



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A Portrait of the Hummer as a Young Bird


Once upon a time, and a very good time it was, there was a hummer sitting on a branch outside the window and this hummer that was outside the window looked with a sideways glance at the lens named Canon spying on it from the other side of the window through the foliage of the sweet trumpet vine that mostly covered the window. And so it sat there looking lovely.










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Summertime Blues






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Towhee Talking

"Ciao Paparazzo!"


This young spotted towhee had a lot say when we walked past him the other night.


"Blah blah BLAH blah blah Blah BLAH."


"Blah BLAH blah BLAH BLAH BLAH blah."


"Nuff said!"


"¡Hasta la vista! "


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4th of July


Annual Corrales 4th of July Parade.











We've been like waiting forever!



Hang ten.





The sirens were not so sweetly singing.






I wonder if they ride unicycles on you as part of the massage.


Lots of candy and stuff was thrown out for the kids all along the parade route — mostly by political campaigns.


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Night Hawks


Night Hawks are fast and erratic flyers, much like bats and hummingbirds, as they catch insects on the wing at sunset.








Sunset intermission







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Five B's


Beetle, Butterfly, Boa, Bovine, and Birds are the Five B's



Snake eyes


I waited for Blue to stick out her tongue, but she would do it. I guess the cats had her tongue.


 A ravenous feral bovine that broke into the neighbor's hay and then walked along the ditch bank munching on weeds and grass like it hadn't eaten in a week. It didn't have a brand or an ear tag, so we don't know who it belongs too, but it wasn't afraid of people, so it seemed to be a local cow.


Beaker hanging out behind his windshield.




Søren's namesake wrote:

“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating, as possibility!”†


All Søren had to say was "More Cowbell! Stupid cat!"


†Except from Søren Kierkegaard’s Either/Or: A Fragment of Life


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Purple Haze





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Blue Grosbeak at 3200


Images of Blue Grosbeaks after sunset. The raw files are cropped, but not processed, leaving the grain. The photos are shot at various distances at 200mm, 1/160 to 1/200 of a second at ƒ/4, ISO 3200, and cropped 200% to 300%.



We night herons glow in the dark.



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