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Tell Tail Tale

Many meows and three and a half years later, Spunk's tail is still one of his favorite toys. He uses his tail to tell us a tall tail tale almost every night. We put his tail in a basket filled with other toys in the kitchen, and through the night he brings us various toys with announcements, pronouncements and some long meowy stories. His tail is almost always the first toy he gets out, and we never know where we will find it. We often put it back in the basket more than once before we go to bed, so he can get it out again carry it to the other end of the house, and tell us another story. Many times he just brings his tail in and quietly leaves it in an ominous spot without an announcement, pronouncement or tall tail tale. This morning I woke to find Spunk's tail on the lamp on the nightstand on my side of the bed.

If you want to see Spunk playing with his tail in the early days, visit the following posts from 2014:

The Tail's Tale (this one has a video)

Spunk, Sprouts, a Tail


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Peachy Keen



Three of the frilly yellow daffies opened and turned to a frilly peachy color.


Daffy not open is still yellow.


Almost fully peach.


On the edge of peach.

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Seven Minutes on the Seventeenth

On the beach at 7:13:19 pm, 03/17/2018. A sliver of dusty pink on the Sandias as the sun started slipping behind the horizon.


Wild clouds in pink and gray danced and swirled to the north at 7:14:23 pm.


Western skies at sunset. 7:15:05 pm.


I made my way through the bosque to the levee to see what colors were on the horizon. I discovered mostly blue/gray skies and a Great Blue Heron perched on top of a cottonwood when I got to the top of the levee at 7:19:19 pm.


As I walked south toward the heron, the sky changed to a kaleidoscope of clouds colored in pastel shades of pink and blue, purple and red, orange and gray behind the cottonwoods from my new perspective at 7:19:44 pm.


The heron directly west of me. 7:20:01 pm.


Now that I was closer to the heron, he started to shift his position. 7:20:14 pm.


The heron straightened up and took a quick look around. 7:20:17 pm.


"!Hasta la vista!" The heron flew north as pinks faded to blues, blues faded to gray. 7:20:23 pm.


As I looked at the thumbnails of this series of photos, the timestamps stood out. While I was in the middle of photographing the changing skies and fleeting light on the river, in the bosque, and on the levee at sunset, seven minutes was like an eternity in an instant as the drama unfolded before my lens. 


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Of Pancake & Macros

Tiny daffodil in the catio.


As macro season continues to rev up, tiny daffodils are blooming in the catio. I made a County Apple Pancake from a recipe in an ad in the April/May 2018 Fine Cooking. Lots of red tulips are in full bloom along the west side of the walk to the front door, and color change daffodils are just starting to open on the east side of the walk. One lonely, purple crocus managed to fight its way through the yellow crocus.


County Apple Pancake with coconut milk from a recipe in an ad for Andre Prost Coconut Milk.


This yellow daffodil will change to peach once it has fully opened.


The blackberries turned red in the oven.






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Holy Macro

Blue bee working a blossom


It was a nice day for a another macro tour in the white plum blossoms.


One benefit of pesky house flies is they hold still and let me get really close.


This silver bee is an interesting fellow. He flits around and only lands on blossoms for a split second. It's a lucky quick focus, snap combination when I get this guy in focus.


Marble out blending in.


Up close and personal portrait of a butterfly.


Silver bee sat on a branch at arms lengths away from me to take a break. The instant I tried to move closer it was out of there.


Wallowing in pollen.


Since the butterfly only dropped by long enough for a portrait, Spunk was happy to sit in the tree and smell the blossoms.


Blue bee has three extra eyes on top of its head.


Silver bee grabbing a lick on the wing.


Hairs to this fly.


Loki's been rolling in gopher dirt.


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Blue Night



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Chasing Butterflies

Spunk sees something dark fluttering around in the distance.


After cleaning the grasses I chopped, and digging the gopher mounds out of the irrigation ditches, I walked by the blooming plum tree and noticed a couple of butterflies. It didn't take long for the kitties to become interested in me photographing the plum tree. Spunk, Marble and Loki gathered around, and it took only a moment for both Spunk and Marble to see the butterflies and start climbing the tree trying to get them. Loki was not interested in silly butterflies. At first the butterflies flew off, but since the plum is the only tree in bloom they were soon back, ignoring the cats. I think even their little insect brains figured out that the kitties couldn't get to them, and the stupid paparazzo was obviously no threat. So I snapped away, Spunk and Marble climbed around in the branches trying to get to the butterflies, while the butterflies flew from one blossom to the next as if the three of us didn't exist.


"Hmmm! How can I get to those two?"



"Oh! Oh! Oh! They are sooo close."


The butterflies stayed out on the ends of the branches with the cats prowling in the tree, which made it easier for me to photograph them. There were also a few bees working the blossoms, as well.





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Macro Mugs










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Burned Out


One of Lowe's trucks had an electrical fire and got burned out.




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Macro Madness


Early blooming tulips are coming up and our five-on-one plum tree bloomed yesterday. We had sunshine and 72º F (22.2º C) yesterday, but today we've had cloud cover all day, temperatures barely reaching 45º F (7.2º C), and a cold drizzling rain that started in the afternoon that has persisted into the evening hours. So far we have received only 6/100 of an inch of precipitation from the hours long drizzle.






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Hammocking Fun 101


Silver demonstrating how to have fun while hammocking.





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Macro Dry

Working in the yard inspired me to get out my macro lens and photograph some of the dry "winter interest" before cutting it down in preparation for irrigating when the ditches come on line later this month. We have had particularly dry air in New Mexico this week with humidity in the single digits down to 6%.







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crow wave picture


From the Off Center & Not Even Ministry of Made-up & Silly Physics, a crow-magnon is a quasi-crow-particle of collective crow excitation forming the crow's electron spin into a crystal crow lattice. Often found in a disturbed state, the equivalent crow wave picture gives us a quantum crow mechanics from which a crow-magnon can be viewed as a quantized crow spin wave. Crow-magnons carry varied amounts of crow energy that result in crow lattice momentum, which often turn into spin-1 crow, indicating they obey no rules and usually result in silly crow behavior.


collective crow excitation


crystal crow lattice


quantum crow mechanics


spin-1 crow




quantized crow spin wave


crow lattice momentum


crow's electron spin

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First Flower

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Gata Bonita


Another activity at the car show was face painting. The newly transformed kitty's father asked me to photograph her. So I snapped a few photos as I was walking by and handed him my business card. I was impressed with the quality of the face painting.

Gata bonita


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