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Peekaboo Green & Blue

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Like Snow in June

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The Blue Wasp

June 20, 2018  •  6 Comments

Blue Wasp: "Here's a promising hole."


If you are old enough, you might remember "The Green Hornet" TV series from the late 1960's — Bruce Lee played Kato. We have the Blue Wasp, who was out on the levee the other night looking in holes for spiders she could turn into zombies and lay her eggs on. After the eggs hatch, the larvae eat the spider while they mature.


Blue Wasp: "Hey! Any spiders down there?"  Spiders: "There are no spiders around these parts!"


I think the spiders were lying Ms. Blue Wasp.


Super Sliver Moon

June 19, 2018  •  8 Comments

Super sliver moon balanced above the power line.


I got these photos last week, but owls, cats and insects got in the way. I almost forgot about them.


Super sliver moon with bats fluttering around.


Super sliver moon slipping into the clouds between the trees.


The Irresistible Cuteness of Owls

June 18, 2018  •  17 Comments

Sister Owl and New 3rd Owlet who we had not seen before.


We walked north to where the New Owl Family hangs out at 7:30 pm yesterday, about an forty-five minutes earlier than usual, with Susan and Tristan to see if the owls were out. New Owl, Sister Owl, New Mama Owl, and another juvenile we had not seen with the New Owl family were all out, and being irresistibly cute. After New Owl and Sister Owl flew further into the bosque, Tristan I walked down to where they had been perched and found "owl pellets" (owl barf of regurgitated bones, fur, skin and such they can't digest) on the ground and collected three or four pellets to analyze (owl barf will be a later post). The three owls sat up in the cottonwood watching us examine their pellets and looked at us like we were crazy. After that I was photographing them in the tree, and they kept turning their heads around, looking different directions. Tristan and Susan thought it was funny to hear me telling the owls to turn around and look at me so I could see their faces.


Sister Owl looking cool on the end of her perch.


New Owl giving me a back sided "Go ahead. Make my day!" look.


"What are those two doing down there? Is that our barf they are playing with? Ew that's really gross!"


Sister Owl, New 3rd Owlet and New Owl perched above.


New Owl watching Sister Owl walk up the trunk of the tree to where New 3rd Owlet is before he flew up to the branch above them.


New 3rd Owlet


New Mama Owl


New Mama Owl loves to model.


June 17, 2018  •  12 Comments

What to Do on a Rainy Day

June 16, 2018  •  11 Comments

Silver checking to see if it's raining on the west slide of the house.


Anyone who follows this blog knows we get very little rain in the high deserts of north-central New Mexico. We have gone for months without measurable precipitation, drought conditions are severe, and the Forest Service closed the Sandias on Thursday because risk of fire is really high. We had a bit of rain that lasted around 30 minutes last Sunday. Starting very early this morning, rain moved in, and, as rarely happens around here, we had a steady rain that lasted most of the day. Silver was very unhappy about the rain on Sunday, and today he was beside himself. He would go out on the deck where he could lie on the deck furniture under the canopy, but if he tried to venture out to his favorite places in the yard, he got wet. He kept coming inside and having me open the front door to see if it was still raining on the west side of the house, which is not as silly as it sounds, because we have had rain on one side of the house and dry on the other many times. That's just life with rain the southwest, where we can have full sun and a downpour, overcast and rain on one side of a building and sunny and dry on the other all at the same time.

Eventually, we all sat out on the deck under the canopy, and watched and listened to the rain while the kitties groomed themselves and each other. The kitties' licking gave me an idea for a parody music video, which turned out to be a fun thing to do on a raining day. You can see "Whole Lotta' Lickin' Goin' On", along with the lyrics after the last photo of Silver checking to see whether the weather is permitting.


Silver thinking about going out on the deck.


Silver deciding whether he can go out in the weather.


Whole Lotta' Lickin' Goin' On


Whole Lotta’ lickin' Goin’ On
Music: Jerry Lee Lewis
Lyrics: Timothy Price
(Originally “Whole Lotta’ Shakin’ Goin’ On” by Big Maybelle)


Come along kitties, whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on
Yes, I said come along kitties, kitty you can't go wrong
We ain't chicken, there’s a whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on

Well, I said come along kitties, we got rainin’ in the yard
Woo-huh, come along kitties, it’s really comin’ down hard
We ain't chicken, there’s a whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on

Well, I said lick, kitty, lick
I said lick, kitty, lick
I said lick yeah, kitty, lick yeah
And then lick, kitty, lick
Come on over, whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on
Oh, let's go!


Well, I said come along kitties, we got rainin’ in the yard
Whose yard? What yard? My yard
Come along kitties, it’s really comin’ down hard
Yeah! We ain't chicken, there’s a whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on

Easy now
lick it
Ah, lick it, kitty
You can lick each other one more time
Ye-ah-ha-ah, I said come on over, kitties
Whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on
Now, kitties get down and lick one paw now
lick, kitty, lick
All you gotta do, kitty, is kinda lie in one spot
Wiggle around just a little lick, that's when you got it, yeah
Come on kitty, whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on
Now let's go one time

lick kitties, lick, lick kitties, lick
Woo, lick kitties, come on kitties, lick, kitties, lick
Come on over, whole lotta’ lickin' goin' on

Have Macro Will Bug

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Beaver in Jetties on Bank

June 14, 2018  •  10 Comments

Smokey air under stormy skies


You can see an animated GIF of the beaver on the bank at https://photoofthedayetc.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/beaver-in-jetties-on-bank/.


Beaver in the jetties.


Beaver cutting willows.


Taking willows down the bank.






Swimming off with willows.


Under cover of jetties,


Smokey sunset under stormy skies.

Sasha & Silver on ICE

June 13, 2018  •  10 Comments


Rest for the Weary

June 12, 2018  •  10 Comments

R-9 After 9:09 Lost in Open Space

June 11, 2018  •  13 Comments

Lost in Open Space


8:18:32 PM: We began our usual evening walk by checking out the sunset colors on the Sandias.


8:27:28 PM: We walked out on the beach to see how the tadpoles were doing. There was lots of talk, yelling back and forth, and laughing from what sounded like a group of young people to the north, who I assumed were having a good time rafting on the river.


8:33:32 PM: After we started walking north on the trail in the bosque to the point where the new owl family live, New Mama Owl flew by, landed on a nearby cottonwood, and looked like she wanted more photos taken.


8:43:00 PM: I walked around the cottonwood and she poked her head up.


8:34:04 PM: I walked closer to New Mama Owl and she made a nice looking off in the distance pose.

Leaving New Mama Owl behind, we got back on the trail and continued north. We ran into our neighbor Sarah and her friend Susan coming back from checking out New Owl and Sister Owl. We chatted for a few seconds about what the owls were doing, and then we continued on our way. We could hear the group on the river yelling back and forth to each other, but none of us thought anything of it because people are often out rafting on the river, making all kinds of noise. 


8:40:30 PM: We got up on the top of the bank to find New Owl and Sister Owl bobbing their heads and looking around. Soon they both flew over to the edge of the bank and pounced on some kind of prey they saw moving around in the weeds. I watched them pounce from one place or another for a couple of minutes.


8:42:52 PM: Sister Owl and New Owl on the top of the bank discussing their short hunting activities.


8:45:33 PM: Sister Owl watching New Owl flying into the tree. After that we continued on our walk working on steps, active minutes and stairs that our Fitbits record. While we are walking Rescue 9 and two Corrales Police cars crossed the bridge at Dixon Road, about 3/4 of a mile south of where we were and start driving toward us. They stopped and started again a couple of times until the got about 100 feet from where we were and a group of firefighters and two police officers got out of their vehicles and walked toward us. I asked them what they are looking for, and they said people lost in the bosque. I told them that must be the group we heard on the river directly east of us.


9:09:21 PM: R-9 after 9:09.



When we got back to the bridge the Fire Marshal was in his truck at the bridge. He said the young people got lost in some of the dense foliage and he thought they might have lost their boat. He asked if we had seen the mile markers he and an Eagle Scout had put up along the river for the rafters. We hadn't, but the lost group had called in the mile marker they were at, which helped the rescuers locate them. By the time we reached his truck, he told us the firefighters and police officers had located all the people in the group. We often see rafters on the Rio Grande, and they usually ask us how far it is to Alameda bridge, or where Dixon Road is. The mile markers are a great idea. The Eagle Scout made the mile markers out of angle iron from old jetties, which is a great use of old jetties.

Of course, all of us who are in the bosque almost everyday can't image how anyone could get lost, especially if they have a phone to call for help. A quick look on Google Maps shows that the levee is at maximum only 100 yards or so from the edge of the river, west through the bosque. The sky was completely clear last night, and the sun was on display for everyone to see all the way to sunset.


Owliance Famille

June 10, 2018  •  12 Comments

Little Owl earlier in the week giving me mad dogs.


Fat Owl snoozing on a branch in a cottonwood across the ditch from where Little Owl was mad-dogging me.


Big Owl practicing his ballet standing in third position, on a branch below Fat Owl in the tree across the ditch from where Little Owl was mad-dogging me.


Mama Owl keeping an eye on Little Owl yesterday. Little Owl was on the next tree over from Mama Owl. Big Owl and Fat Owl were nowhere to be seen.


Little Owl checking out something close to where I'm standing.



A mile north of BO, LO and FO, live the New Owl Family.

New Mama Owl


Close up of New Mama Owl.


Walking a few hundred feet north of where New Mama Owl was perched in the above photos a few days ago, I saw what looked like two owls on the edge of the levee about 400 feet ahead of me. The light is really low so it was hard to make them out even looking through the telephoto lens. We discussed whether there were two owls or just one owl and a weed as we walking toward them.

Tim: There is definitely one owl, I think the other is a weed.

Laurie: It looks like the weed is turning it's head around.

Tim: I don't know it still looks like a weed.

Laurie: Now the weed is bobbing its head up and down.

Tim: You're right. The weed is an owl.


As we got close enough we could see New Owl looking at us, and his sister hanging out behind a weed.


New Owl flew into the bosque, leaving Sister Owl alone on the bank with the approaching paparazzo and bella donna.


Sister Owl takes a final look at the pair approaching before flying into the bosque with New Owl.


New Owl is surprised I can see him in the darkness (Don't tell New Owl, but I could barely see him).


Typical "Go ahead! Make my day!" look by New Owl.


Sister Owl looking cool before she flew off into the darkness.


Last night I spied New Owl on the top of the bank and Sister Owl near the bottom of the bank.


After New Owl flew onto a cottonwood in the bosque, Sister Owl let me get very close to her before she flew into a tree.


New Owl right before he flew off deeper into the bosque.


Sister Owl.


To give you an idea of how dark it can be when I'm photographing the owls, this is a jpeg from the un-processed, un-cropped raw file of Sister Owl.

When I walked by the same location on my way back home, all three owls were on the ditch bank again. I could barely see them as black blobs against the lighter bank. They all flew into the bosque and disappeared into the darkness when I got too close.


Seven Rose Saturday

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The Bearable Lightness of Butterfly

June 08, 2018  •  8 Comments