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It's Half the Poem it Used to Be

February 22, 2017  •  3 Comments

You can see the complete poem by Hakim Bellamy of Albuquerque at Cycles & Sights on Route 66 fourth photo down.




Civic Plaza off an Airstream


February 21, 2017  •  11 Comments

Just have to
sit and
A light
To come on
An idea
To form

LaBeouf & the Back Side of Route 66

February 20, 2017  •  12 Comments

Shia LaBeouf installed a live feed video on the west side of the El Rey Theater at Central Ave (Old Route 66) and 7th Street in Downtown Albuquerque as part of his anti-Trump campaign. Bruce and I walked down to see what was happening around 3:00 PM. Eleven young people where hanging around on the sidewalk and curb talking, messing with cameras and devices, while a young man held two signs in front of the camera that he changed every 30 seconds or so. I walked up and asked him what the signs had on them, he silently turned the signs toward me so I could read the first one. He then swapped the front sign with the back sign so I could read the second one. I thanked him and went around to the back of the building a photographed the latest street art on the backside on the El Rey Theater building. Since you are probably wondering what the signs were all about, they were protesting police and security. If you want more information on LaBeouf's installation, the Albuquerque Journal posted Actor Shia LaBeouf brings anti-Trump protest piece to Duke City by Ryan Boetel, Journal Staff Writer on Saturday, February 18th.








February 19, 2017  •  14 Comments





A Saturday in a Life

February 18, 2017  •  13 Comments


I saw the dawn today oh boy
A ring of fire filled morning sky
Yellows push reds purples into gray
Sunlight fought 
Clouds refused to give

I saw crows flying north today
South winds pushed them on their way
From the bank I listened quite in vain
Silence of the cranes

I saw some ducks today oh boy
Cinnamon colored behind the reeds
Beaver’s felled trees lay on banks
Dam broken 
Breached by man

I saw the first flower bloomed today
Opened when sunlight slipped through gray
Yellow pushed through leaves dried brown
Closed up early 
Before sun went down

I saw the dusk today oh boy
Pink in the east slipped through cloudy gray
Winds died darkness all round 
Hoot owls call 
Night back to life









A Touch of Color

February 17, 2017  •  10 Comments



Off Center & Not Even

February 16, 2017  •  16 Comments

A really good example of being "off center and not even".

Shelby Cobra on Route 66

February 15, 2017  •  10 Comments

I photographed this car parked on Central Ave (Old Route 66) in Downtown Albuquerque from across the street. I didn't bother to cross the street and get closeups of details. I figured I could find out what kind of car it was by searching the web, but after not finding matches, I asked WCW, retired architect and car aficionado, and he came up with a Shelby Cobra. I looked up information on Shelby Cobras and this model, with the hard top, under body pipes and no scoop on the hood, most likely does not have the 427 cubic inch engine that they are famous for; therefore, it is still difficult to identify the type without the owner telling us what the year, series and engine size is.  We are guessing it is a very good replica or possibly a "Continuation car" with a 289 cubic inch engine produced by one of the Shelby licensed companies. Shelby started producing "Continuation cars" in the early 1980's. As of 2008 there had been 720 or so 427 CSX4000 series Continuation Cobras produced, according to a Cobra club discussion board I came across while looking up information on Shelby Cobras.



Valentine's Day Downtown

February 14, 2017  •  10 Comments



First Plaza


A three point play


Love in the twilight



History Corner

February 13, 2017  •  10 Comments


This bronze plaque on the old Sears Building on the corner of 5th Street and Central Ave (Old Route 66) in Downtown Albuquerque gives a brief history of Albuquerque from 1946 when the photo on the plaque was taken to 1950. Notice there is a small sign on the Kimo Theater that reads "KGGM CBS". I assume KGGM's radio studios were in the offices on the west side of the Kimo Theater in 1946. At that time KGGM was a CBS radio affiliate at 1260 on the AM dial. In the early 1950's, KGGM became a Channel 13 CBS affiliate television station, KGGM-TV. Today it is still Channel 13, but the call letters have changed to KRQE-TV.


Closeup of the photo taken in 1946.


I took this photo from the same corner this afternoon at 2:47 PM. Most of the same buildings still line Central Ave in 2017 — some have had minor changes to their exteriors, others major changes, and a few buildings have been replaced since 1946. The "KRESS" sign at the top of the the KRESS building (mostly covered by the traffic light in today's view) looks to have endured the years, and the "KIMO" sign was redone to be close to the original. Otherwise, all the signs have changed and the buildings have been modernized. Yet there is still a sense of the old Route 66 from the days when KGGM was 1260 on the AM dial and Central would be a traffic jam of cars and trucks at three o'clock on a Monday afternoon.

Surreal Sunrise

February 12, 2017  •  18 Comments

I was awakened by colors brewing in the eastern sky. I extracted myself from the furry purrs snuggled in from head to toe, slipped on a pair of shoes, and grabbed my camera as I walked outside into a cool stillness at sunrise.  I walked only a few steps from the deck to face the misty purple mountains, behind lacy cottonwoods, under pastel colored clouds, softened by the winds blowing from the heavens above. I stood in the calm morning light and watched clouds erupt over the crest before they spilled down the face of the mountains where they turned into a soft purple mist. Tristan called to ask if I had seen the clouds on the Sandias. She said it was too cold and windy to ride her motorcycle. Not a dry leaf stirred or blade of yellow grass twitched in the stillness of the colorful early morning quickly turning gray — we were spared the strong easterly winds that blew in town.




Cycles & Sights on Route 66

February 11, 2017  •  13 Comments

Chopper and beer




@#%&!#© paparazzo!


Whoa! Street poetry.


Get your kicks, Asian food, massage and indian jewelry on Route 66


Beer and more behind the green door


Beer and bike

Snow Moon Eclipse

February 10, 2017  •  14 Comments

Waiting for the moon to rise, we watched the Sandias as crows flew by.


Crows fly off into the sunset over cranes settled in to roost for the night.


The Snow Moon was supposed to be mostly eclipsed when it rose, but it was bright and white as snow once it cleared the Sandias.


Laurie and my camera lit up by the snow moon as they watched it rise.


Snow moon behind clouds through the trees.


Moon just after it cleared the Sandias. The moon in the middle is a reflection off the UV filter on the lens.


Snow moon behind a thin veil of clouds.

Today, 6:01:09 PM

February 09, 2017  •  17 Comments

On my way home today at 6:01:09 PM.

Walk That Funky Staircase / Average White Boys

February 08, 2017  •  10 Comments