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December 10, 2017  •  8 Comments

Caballera Andante

December 09, 2017  •  10 Comments

Conversation with Santa

December 08, 2017  •  8 Comments

Santa: "Hmmm! I'll have to think about that."   Bruce: "I'm having my doubts."

Light Writing on the Wall

December 07, 2017  •  8 Comments

Red & Green, Package From Beijing

December 06, 2017  •  13 Comments


The body clips I ordered for Laurie's Mazdaspeed 3 from China, and the new "Chile Capital of the World" license plate I ordered for my Mazda RX-8 were delivered today. Laurie caught the rocker panel skirt on a parking bumper that was sticking out in the road and it broke most of the fastening clips that hold the skirt on. I tried to get clips in town, but parts stores don't carry most body parts for Mazda because Mazda is a low production car company compared to Toyota, Honda and American car producers. Mazda produces models in lots of tens of thousands a year as compared to the millions of models produced by most other car manufactures. I located the clips from Mazda and one or two specialty parts companies on-line, but they wanted $4 to $8 per clip, so a dozen clips would have cost me $48 to $96. I found a bag of 50 clips from a seller in China for a grand total of $1.86 with shipping. I ordered the clips on November 11th, so it took twenty six days by China Post to get to me. It's not Amazon Prime, but it was very reasonable. I have bought several items from China and Japan on eBay, and the quality, service and shipping have always been reasonable.

I got on-line last week to renew the registration on my Mazda RX-8, and the MVD website suggested I upgrade to a "Chile Capital of the World" license plate for only $6.50. The MVD must be taking lessons from Amazon. I love the red and green chile license plate design, so of course I had to go for it. By changing license plates, I get a month registration for the $6.50 and then I will renew for two years at the end of the month. Excellent deal.

Ten plus One

December 05, 2017  •  16 Comments

The Sound of Cranes

December 04, 2017  •  14 Comments


Behind ripples, branches grab 
Super moon in liquid clouds
Breaks the hold, trees and pother
Sets the night alight

Dawn light breaks which darkness holds 
branches grab at morning light
Crane calls break on silent breeze
Solo, one, then two, then more

Super moon falls to the west
Set to Face a rising sun
Dawn blushes in cloud laced gown
Dendrite reaches for the sky







CranesCranes flying, landing and calling out to each other

This video shows Sandhill Cranes standing in a field, more cranes flying in and circling around, with a few cranes landing. A small flock of Snow Geese give a cameo performance taking flight from the orchard in the middle of the video. You can hear the cranes' unique voices as they announce their arrival or voice their opinions about the goings on in the field and orchard.



Assorted Cats

December 03, 2017  •  22 Comments

Sasha (bottom), Silver (middle), Lola (top) making like a packaged deal.

Super Soft

December 02, 2017  •  18 Comments


The almost super moon rose over the Sandias behind thin clouds that gave it a soft, fuzzy look. The last of the cranes standing in the field finally decided to fly over to the Rio Grande to roost. They gave us a rather silly showing at take off. The sound of low thunder drums filled the air as they beat their wings against the cold, lazy zephyr. The thunder drums turned to a swooshing rhythm as they squeaked by, flying low over the treetops.











Bird Line

December 01, 2017  •  12 Comments

Apple & Cinnamon

November 30, 2017  •  8 Comments


Manzana Verde with a cinnamon sucker.



Enchanted House in the Hills

November 29, 2017  •  16 Comments

I photographed a property in Santa Fe, NM that the owner calls "The Enchanted House in the Hills!" It's a very beautiful, traditional, flat roofed adobe house with exposed beam ceilings. The house has two units that the owner rents for vacations and holidays on Air B&B and VRBO. It's on the road to the Santa Fe Ski Area, across form Ten Thousand Waves Spa. If you are looking for a nice place the spend some time at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains with access to the ski area, hiking, Santa Fe and the spa, you can book Enchanted House in the Hills on Air B&B at https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/17075886 or VRBO at https://www.vrbo.com/1004779.











If you can't see the virtual tour on this screen Click Here to open the virtual tour in a new page.





















All Studied Out

November 28, 2017  •  14 Comments

Spunk is all worn out from his long hours of studying and mastering catography (yellow), catology (purple), catanomics (green), catosophy (orange), and catstrology (blue).

A Gathering of Angels

November 27, 2017  •  20 Comments


Like a gathering of Angels
Circling high into the heavens
Making joyful noises
They call out to everyone
“We are on our way to paradise”
Please join us if you can









Bovine in Black & Bull

November 26, 2017  •  12 Comments



We went out at the same time and the calves where waiting for us. The black calves started acting up and big daddy Bull had to come over and say "Hi" as well.