Giving a Hoot

February 02, 2018  •  16 Comments

A pair of Great Horned Owls are on a branch way back in the center of the photo. It was quite a bit darker than the photo. I brought up the exposure by several stops.


Ozzy and Olivia Owl were having quite a conversation last night when we were out walking in the bosque after sunset. They are really cute when they hoot because they lean forward and stick their tails in the air. While I was out the bosque tonight, a heard an owl hooting, but couldn't see it. I called out asking where the owl was, and Olivia flew up on a branch where I could see her posed for a few minutes and then flew off to another appointment.


Ozzy on the left and Olivia on the right.


Both are hooting. Ozzy really has his tail up.


Watching the last of the light fade on the Sandias.


Olivia, telling Ozzy a thing or two.


Olivia doing her impression of an owl.


Giving a last hoot before flying to another spot.


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Thanks, Julie!
Oh aren’t they divine! Such beauties .. love the way they stick their tails up when they hoot! Putting everything into it! Great shots Tim :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Angela!
Angela Chouinard(non-registered)
I adore owls. Those two are an impressive pair and your photos did them justice.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia. The owls in silhouette really have cat-like figures.
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