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Laurie has gone for a new look on her hair. This is an ombré style that will be a rose gold ombré when they are finished. To get to the final rose gold is a multi step process that will take another session to complete.  I used both light and dark backgrounds behind the mirror with strong lighting to show off the variations in highlights and colors in the ombré style. The last two photos are a direct comparison of how the light and dark backgrounds affect the highlights and colors in Laurie's hair.













T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Oh I love these! Fantastic colour ... Gorgeous fun photos .. and I see Spunk watching! Lol
T & L Photos
Thanks, David! All those years of dance.
Laurie does the hair whip quite well. My daughter Elizabeth is quite adept with the whip as well. :)
BTW, Laurie's new color suits her well.
T & L Photos
HI Teagan. She's happy. That's Sasha in the background. There might have been a black cat or two, also.
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