The Cat That Ate My New Shoes

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I gave lyrics inspired by my new shoes and Spunk to the Average White Boys to see what they could do with them. They teamed up with the Glenn Miller Orchestra playing music by Harry Warren, and they all piled into my darkroom, did some mysterious development, and emerged with the new single The Cat That Ate My New Shoes. The music is great, the words are fun, but the voice leaves a lot to be desired; however, the single fits well into the notion of Off Center & Not Even.

I had to make a video with the music file in order to add it to the blog, so I added several appropriate photos of the kitties as visuals for the song. I’ve included the words below the video incase anyone wants to sing along.


The Cat that Ate My New Shows


The Cat That Ate My New Shoes
The Average White Boys

Music by Harry Warren, performed by Glenn Miller
Words by Timothy Price

Pardon me Rose 
Are you the cat that ate my new shoes
Cost me twenty nine
A real bargain on line
You say it was Spunk 
Spunk’s the one who ate my new shoes
Afforded one pair I had nothing to spare

I set ’em over there ‘bout a quarter to four
Back an hour later and they weren’t anymore
He ate them over there
Spunk consumed the pair
Now he’s upchucking pieces everywhere

When I heard ‘ol Spunk hacking eight to the bar
I knew my shoes they hadn’t gone very far
But good old Spunk
Reduced them both to chunks
Oh no! Cat that ate my new shoes there you are

There’s not gonna be 
A reason for a celebration
Leather and Lace
I think I made a funny face

I’m gonna cry
Until you promise to never chew
So cat that ate my new shoes
Won’t you leave them alone



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Thanks, Teagan. I thought you might like it.
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
OMG... that's hysterical. I can just imagine the kitties. Hugs.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Love it! What fun .. oh Spunk what have you done ;) great voice Tim
T & L Photos
Thanks, Juliette! Since you've been around for 160 odd years or so, which came first the Chattanooga Choo Choo or cats eating people's new shoes?
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