Gardening In My Good Shoes

June 09, 2017  •  18 Comments

Digging up a walnut tree in my good shoes


I've worn out all my shoes and boots (the newest pair are over four years old) and they are all starting to hurt my feet, so I finally found a pair of new shoes I like, and I have new boots on order. Until the new boots come in, I'm gardening in my good shoes — and walking on the ditch banks in my good shoes — and walking in the bosque in my good shoes — and walking everywhere in my good shoes — I think I'm already wearing out my good shoes along with myself.


Circle garden






Wildflowers with roses and bamboo in the background




First Cosmos


First bloom on Chitalpa


Black bamboo with new green canes



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Thanks, Julie!
Ha ha you're funny! I do things like that! I was gardening in my new gym pants today! Bad me .. Love your garden Tim. And what about that cosmos! So pretty :)
Lovely garden!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Couriers. I also get two pair of shoes at a time, but try to get a different style on on each, but this time I got the style style on both.
Need to buy two pairs of good shoes at a time. Love the black bamboo.
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