Rio Grande Beaver

April 23, 2017  •  14 Comments

A big wet critter across the raging waters of the Rio Grande on the now flooded sandbar.


We went out for a walk on the ditch banks and river just before sunset. When the sunset turned out to be on the lame side, we walked over to the edge of the Rio Grande about 10 minutes after sunset. I could see a large critter across the river on the flooded sandbar, but with the light fading quickly, I couldn't really see the critter clearly, even through my telephoto lens. I assumed it was a beaver, but it looked to be the size of a pig. I bumped up the ISO, and clicked away. A pair of geese landed upstream of the beaver, so he dove underwater, popped back up about a twenty feet downstream, and swam toward a fallen tree laying in the water on the sandbar. I moved over so I could see around a bush, and when the leaves crunched beneath my feet, he dove again. When he came back up another twenty feet or so down stream, he stood half submerged on the flooded sandbar and looked at us for a moment, shifted position and stood still, half submerged, just looking at us as from across the river as darkness fell all around.


A Tree floating by while the beaver stands in the shallows on the sandbar.


The beaver dove under water and came up a little downstream. His back is to the camera, but the log gives some sense of scale.


This is the same log a couple of days ago when the river was about a foot lower and the sandbar wasn't flooded.


Geese standing on the edge of the flooded sandbar about 100 feet upstream of the beaver.


Whatever is equivalent to the Loch Ness monster swam by us in the waning light.


Standing half submerged on the flooded sandbar looking at us standing on the other side of the river.


Shifted his position and watched us until we walked off into the darkness.



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Thanks, Julie!
We don't get beavers in NZ .. he sure looks like he is a good size! How lovely to be able to capture him in his natural environment
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Thanks, Pepe!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! We just never know what the Rio Grande will bring us.
Beautiful nature! Glad you had a great time...
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