A Saturday in a Life

February 18, 2017  •  18 Comments


I saw the dawn today oh boy
A ring of fire filled morning sky
Yellows push reds purples into gray
Sunlight fought 
Clouds refused to give

I saw crows flying north today
South winds pushed them on their way
From the bank I listened quite in vain
Silence of the cranes

I saw some ducks today oh boy
Cinnamon colored behind the reeds
Beaver’s felled trees lay on banks
Dam broken 
Breached by man

I saw the first flower bloomed today
Opened when sunlight slipped through gray
Yellow pushed through leaves dried brown
Closed up early 
Before sun went down

I saw the dusk today oh boy
Pink in the east slipped through cloudy gray
Winds died darkness all round 
Hoot owls call 
Night back to life










Elizabeth Gauffreau(non-registered)
I love the poem and the accompanying photo series, particuarly the first and the last one.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
T & L Photos
Hi Anne. I apologize. I left of an "o". The address is [email protected]
Beautiful .. love your words Tim and these glorious images :D
T & L Photos
Hi Anne. Sent it to [email protected] I can't wait to see how it translated.
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