Sandias in the Mist

November 16, 2017  •  12 Comments

Fujifilm X-E1, 27mm ƒ/2.8 pancake lens 


I took a detour on my way to work this morning to get a few shots of the Sandias in the mist from a vacant lot at the north end of San Mateo, west of I-25. I included three photos, and added info on the cameras and lenses because the color is quite different between the two cameras. The Fujifilm X-E1, which has an APS-C sensor, gives a cooler color with the white balance set on AWB. The Canon 1Ds Mark II, with a full-frame sensor, gives a warmer color set on AWB. Note: AWB is "average white balance", not "average white boys", in the case of the cameras estimating the temperature of the light.


Panorama with a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, 70-200mm ƒ/4 lens @ 70mm


Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, 70-200mm ƒ/4 lens @ 92mm


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Hi Julie. I like the Canon 1Ds cameras by far. The mirrorless cameras are compact and easy to carry, but they have too many limitations.
Hey Tim .. there sure is a difference. Which is your favourite camera :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan!
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
I always enjoyed watching the play of light on the Sandias, Tim. The mist is equally lovely. TGIF hugs.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! We are always amazed by the different moods the Sandias go through.
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