Five F's

January 03, 2017  •  12 Comments

STTT — Spunk testing the twine



Spunk does the five F's — Finally Finished Fixing Frail Falling apart winnowing basket. Spunk had a sixth F in there, but since this is a family oriented blog, I'm only posting five F's.  


Positioning pliers.


Alignment looks good.


Najar checking out Spunk's handy paw and tooth work.


Sasha Approves.


"Hey Rosencrantz! What do you think of my F'ert For Fixing Frail Falling apart basket?"


"You did a wonderful job Spunk. Here's a lick For Finishing Fixing Frail Falling apart winnowing basket"




Since I threw all the paper sacks in the recycling bin, Spunk had to take a nap in the basket after he Finally Finished Fixing Frail Falling apart winnowing basket.


Laurie put the last of the top stitching around the edge after Spunk Finally Finished Fixing the no longer Frail Falling apart winnowing basket.


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Thanks, Julie!
Oh such great kitty shots! Sasha looks like she should have been consulted ..
T & L Photos
Thanks, Ann!
ann mogford(non-registered)
Wonderful set of pictures with a good story...what a talented kitty..
T & L Photos
Thanks, Herman! I'm not sure Spunk is very good at songwriting. He runs when I get out my guitar or someone plays our keyboard.
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