Color, B&W, Sunset

January 21, 2017  •  17 Comments


Rain fell all night, turning from wet to icy to light hail that left a thin covering of white on the ground in the early morning hours, only to disappear as soon as the sun broke through the clouds. The sunlight was warm, yet frosty winds bit at the bare skin on my cheeks as I walked out to photograph the sunlight dancing on the face of the Sandias behind bare cottonwoods, their finger-like branches reaching for the sky.  White light turned yellow, chased by purple as colors climbed the mountains into the clouds, where they kissed the sky and turned to blue.





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Thanks, Julie!
Hey Tim .. I just love your words here which are perfect for your superb images. Thanks for sharing ..
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Thanks, Christine!
Christine Robinson(non-registered)
Tim, surreal and beautiful! Photos worth frames! Christine
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Thanks, Dwayne!
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