A Nice Pair Of Hooters

September 24, 2016  •  16 Comments


This pair of Great Horned owls have been serenading us every night for the past several weeks. I was out just before sunrise this morning and they were still hooting up a storm. I followed the hoots and finally found them high in a cottonwood. At first they were perched apart from one another, but as I photographed them the larger owl on the right moved closer to the smaller owl on the left. The larger owl (likely a female) was much more curious about me photographing them and looked at me when I talked to them. The smaller owl ignored me for the most part.












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Thanks, Julie!
Wonderful images Tim .. I just love these birds ! Special ..
T & L Photos
Thanks, Leah!
Leah Spence(non-registered)
Wow, Tim! I think you're one of those whisperer people around whom animals just feel comfortably curious. It's magical!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Ann. Laurie said they were posing for me.
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