Cite Des Baux De Provence, France

August 05, 2016  •  12 Comments


Baux is built on a rock













Restaurant inside the narrow building






Different interior for an old church


Vineyard on the out skits of Baux de Provence


Laurie with the local kitties at the end of a long day



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Thanks, Julie!
Looks like a special place Tim. Love the shot of the building and the clouds .. The view looks so good ..
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan! I never throw away anything unless it's is totally black, totally white or otherwise useless. You never know what might be useful at some point.
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
All so beautiful! Thank you for going back through these! Definitely reminds me why photographer save old files, even if they don't process them right away! :-)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan! Skinny houses for you and me!
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