More Critters

July 27, 2016  •  18 Comments

Three times four calling birds




Skinny Praying Mantis


Two times four calling birds




Seven legged spider






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Thanks, Julie!
Hey Tim .. Just love your critters! Hat is a very in mantis and an unusual colour. Ours are green here ..
T & L Photos
Welcome, Harry!
Your explanation makes sense. I remember when you and I first met a few years ago you had a photo showing you yourself on a racebike with 2 cameras. I am a Nikonian but I read many reports about the Canon 1D and I respect it highly ( it is probably the best camera from all Nikon and Canon cameras )
Thanks for the explanation, I learned something :-)
T & L Photos
Hi Harry! I like the 1Ds bodies because they are very high quality, super long battery life, and weather sealed. I have both with me almost all the time in a camera bag. When I photograph events, I have the tele-zoom for longer shots and the wide-angle zoom wide shots. I can quickly change between wide-angle and tele with two bodies. I miss too many shots if I have to change lenses. When I'm photographing news worthy events, there will be several press photographers who all have two bodies like me — one with a wide-angle zoom, the other with a telephoto zoom.
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