Monarch Mimic

July 28, 2016  •  6 Comments

I spotted this butterfly out in the meadow playing with a monarch butterfly. I noticed it has a similar structure in the wings to the monarch, and the body markings are the same as the monarch, but the coloration and spot patterns on the wings are different from the monarch. Turns out it's a Queen Butterfly that is a monarch look alike.









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Thanks, Julie!
Isn't she beautiful! How lovely to have those butterflies flitting through your garden. Beautiful images Tim. Thanks for sharing
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Hi Lavinia! There is also the Viceroy which is a much closer mimic than the Queen.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Those are a great set for comparison, Tim. Nice photos of your garden visitors!

I looked up the Queen butterfly, as I was not familiar with that Monarch mimic. There are apparently three in that genus Danaus - the Queen, Soldier and Monarch butterflies that look very similar. Never heard of the Soldier, either, but those seem to be a more southerly species. The one I remember from back east that also is a Monarch mimic is the Viceroy, a member of a different genus, Limenitis archippus. I don't know if you get those down where you are. We supposedly have them up here, but I haven't seen any.
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Thanks, Susan!
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