A Persistence of Dr. Huey

May 16, 2016  •  14 Comments


Not too unlike Salvador Dali's floppy clock faces, Dr. Huey flows over, around and under walls, fences, landscape features and gets mixed up with whatever is near him. In Corrales there is a persistence of Dr. Huey where he makes his presence known and has become quite unforgettable.




Laurie checking out other roses under the Dr. Huey that has climbed of the tree in the center of the photo.



Susan photographing Dr Huey way up in the tree.





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Thanks, Julie!
Oh my .. Dr. Huey has made my day. Absolutely unforgettable ...
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Hi Lavina! I know a few popular Moody Blues songs, I had not come across "Dr. Livingston". Fun song.
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Thanks, Tristan! I'm happy someone liked that phrase.
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Thanks, Susan! It was a great day.
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