Thorny Thursday

April 06, 2016  •  8 Comments

Cary Grant is a thorny rosebush that produces beautiful roses. Grant had a difficult childhood, and while he had a handsomeness that appealed to both women and men, he was said to have been a '..."mass of contradictions" whose life was "painful, even tortured"...' The thorns on his namesake's canes are fitting.


Rosencrantz watching out for monsters while I photograph thorns after sundown.


It was 2:00 am and Spunk watched the monsters while I battled leaves in my ditches and gophers geysers while irrigating.


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Thanks, Julie!
Those thorns look lethal .. Guaranteed if I was gardening they would get me. Love your kitties. 2.00am wow .. No wonder Spunk is watching monsters
T & L Photos
Thanks, David! Was that on Hwy 666 that they changed to US Route 491? I've driven that road a few times during my life.
If you lived in Hawaii, Spunk would be seeing Pele, the Goddess of Fire.

Or, if you were driving that very lonely highway in NM with no light or no other car in sight, Spunk is looking at the mysterious woman riding in your car. She's a very striking woman. But Spunk is looking at her cloven hooves under her flowing skirt.
T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia! Spunk was actually seeing a monster, ghost, La Llorona, Chupacabra, one or another of them, because he kept moving his head and eyes to track it as it moved around. I shined the light in the direction he was looking, which made him perk up even more, but I couldn't see what he was seeing.
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