Kress Building

April 15, 2016  •  6 Comments


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Hi David. The Kress Building is in an area where it will not be torn down, but sometimes if the buildings get enough neglect, they fall down on their own. Back in the 1960s the city took out a lot of buildings downtown as part of the urban renewal efforts, before they ended up on the historic register. Much of that land sat empty until the past few years. They also tore down the Alvarado Hotel around 1970, which was a mission-style Hotel and Fred Harvey House. They built a new transportation center in a mock style of the Alvarado Hotel about 14 years ago after the train station burned.
We had a Kress Store but don't know what happened to the building ... maybe torn down. Colorado Springs has done it's share of tearing down historic buildings. One was a historic stage/burlesque theater, which became a movie theater, which was torn down to be replaced by a street-level parking lot. The project to replace the theater never came to realization. It housed one of the remaining Wurlitzer organs made in the early 1900s before the city absconded with it to put into the City Auditorium, the same auditorium they've wanted to tear down and still do despite its place on the historic register. Colorado Springs also tore down one building that was the first Catholic Church (St. Anne's) in COS for a park that largely sits rarely used except by the homeless. The diocese tried repeatedly to save the church, which was originally built as a home. Even an investor group raised $1.5M to buy the building and land, but that fell on deaf ears.
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Hi Lavinia! Those are great wood floors. It would make a wonderful ballroom dance space. It would be a perfect urban grocery store, as well. There must be issues with the building that make it cost prohibitive before it can be occupied. I've never looked into it. The Film Studios use it as a movie set every once in a while — it was used for filming a few weeks ago — that's why it's clean.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Looks like real wood floors? The curved glass is interesting. Must be something someone could do with this building.
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Hi Teagan. The Cress Building is on Central downtown with cool curved glass display windows in the the front. It would make so many great things, but it's sat vacant for rent for years.
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