The Fly

March 30, 2016  •  12 Comments

I chased this giant fly all over the yard trying to get a decent closeup photo of it. It would not let me get close enough to do a real macro photo, but it was so big, I got pretty good detail with a normal 50mm lens. I think this fly could identify with Miley Cyrus about being pestered by pesky paparazzi in her music video Fly On The Wall after I chased it around with my camera all afternoon.



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Thanks, Tiny!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie. If they are bothering me I leave them be and let a bird get them.
I would have loved to be the fly on the wall observing that chase:)
Nice close up .. I would have swotted it afterwards We have had loads of flies this year .. Something to do with living in the country
T & L Photos
Hi Teagan! It was such a big fly I couldn't resist. The cats would have gone crazy over it.
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