Comic Relief

March 18, 2016  •  16 Comments

Lola letting her tongue warm up after licking ice cream.


Diné giving us "Mad Dogs" after we put her in the bag to waterboard her (give her subcue fluids).


The cat in the bag is not happy!


Diné reads a "Tin Tin" comic book in French as comic relief from waterboarding.




Rosencrantz looking at Spunk who's standing on his head.


Sasha looking at Spunk who's checking out the water in the pan from the clogged drain.




Spunk winding up to give the stupid paparazzo a right hook!


T & L Photos
Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
LMAO Lola letting her tongue warm up.... These are hilarious!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie! Diné is old and kidney function is diminished so we give her 100 ml of fluid under her skin twice a week to help her kidneys.
Love your cats Tim ... and Spunk's paw too cute! Is your cat in the bag unwell? Subcut fluids?
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! Diné is 17 now so she's starting to go downhill a little. It's surprising how healthy she is for the very rough start she had as a stray kitten on the Navajo Nation.

I worked on the grey water system for a good part of the day. It was a smelling, slimy lot of work.
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