Sunsets & Super Moons

December 13, 2016  •  14 Comments


Patti called last night on her way home to tell me the Sandias were pink and the moon was rising between the mountains and the clouds. Since I was still at the office, I knew the only place I could see the Sandias was from the top of the parking structure where I am banned for life. I thought "the hell with it" and Bruce and I ran over to the parking structure, hoofed it up the 10 flights of stairs to the 5th level, and out to the east edge of the parking structure. The moon had been swallowed by the clouds and the pink had faded away, but turning to the south, the sky was a brilliant mixture of yellows, oranges and tinted grays.

Tonight, Laurie texted me that the moon looked like it was starting to show through the clouds. When I walked out to my car, the heavy clouds were clearing and the super moon was rising between the Sunshine Building and the Data Center, peeking through a misty layer of thin clouds.







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Thanks, Julie!
Wow Tim .. such a great collection! Love the shot with the cross. Thanks for sharing
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! The moon was behind heavy clouds for a long time Monday, but found breaks in the clouds early on Tuesday. Good you got to see it as a 99 percenter.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
These are beautiful, Tim! We had a great view of the 99% full moon here, but last night was obscured by clouds. I could tell the moon was up there though, as even with cloud cover it was so bright I could have gone walking out there. I could see everything clearly out the window.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Jana! The skies are especially beautiful in the southwest. We are really lucky to live in areas with such lovely colors all around us, and big open skies that give us different colorful displays every morning and every evening. We are truly blessed.
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