The Girls Next Door

November 22, 2016  •  10 Comments

Around the carrousel horse


The display on my buzzing cell phone showed Patrician Design calling — "This is Patti. Are you in the office?"  I answered "Yes" and Patti asked if I could come over and do group photos of her and her staff. I grabbed by cameras, headed next door, and we mapped out the shots. Patti wanted photos with the library and her storefront in the background, and then we decided to get a couple of shots by the carrousel horse.  Patrician Design has a lot of interesting and unique art, handcrafted jewelry and designs for living that make great gifts if you are in the Albuquerque area. You can learn more about Patrician Design at


Straight on shot in the library


Test shot with Patti measuring out the space


Corner of the library


Another test shot


The storefront


T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! Patti and I have been doing favors for each other for almost 30 years.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
You have wonderful neighbors. Tim, and you are a wonderful neighbor to them, too. Great photos of them!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan. Patti is happy.
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
The Girls Next Door must be very happy with the images you've created! They are wonderful!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Couriers!
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