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We started Thanksgiving day by letting the kitties sleep in.


We snuck the anchovies in with the other ingredients for grandma's crispy potatoes while the kitties were sleeping in.


Laurie grinding up the paste.


The kitties weren't interested in the paste for granny's crispy taters, but we kept sneaking the paste and eating it on crackers.


Granny's crispy taters.


A field of Yorkshire pudding.


Greens with pine nuts, fresh herbs and chile peppers.


Prime rib with fresh herbs.


All made for a tasty Thanksgiving dinner.


Chocolate angel food cake with whipped cream for desert.


Raspberry sauce variation.


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Thanks, Julie!
Oh what a feast .. Love the sound of the anchovy paste!
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Thanks, Teagan!
Teagan Geneviene(non-registered)
What a lovely Thanksgiving feast. Enjoyed seeing the snoozing kitties too. Light & hugs.
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Thanks, Harry!
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