Stem Cells Don't Multitask

November 17, 2016  •  14 Comments

In the nearly three weeks that I have been out of the hospital, my white counts and red counts have been like rollercoasters going up and down. I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday and while my red counts were fairly normal, my white counts had tanked. Two weeks before my white counts had fallen dangerously low, but I was feeling fine, did a lot of walking that weekend and 3 days later my white counts had recovered to the low end of normal on their own. Since I was showing some cold-like symptoms on Wednesday, the doctor ordered a Neupogen shot to help boost my white counts so they could better fight the cold-like symptoms. He explained that the stem cells tend to concentrate on either red cells or white cells at any given time, so my counts go up and down as the stem cells work to remember what they are supposed to be doing. While they do have memory, they are apparently not very good at allocating their memory between more than one task at a time.


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Thanks, Julie. Managed to not get a cold.
I hope that cold didn't eventuate .. Herman is right, you area tough guy!
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Thanks, Teagan!
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Thanks, Herman!
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Thanks, Couriers!
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