Amid The Fall

November 05, 2016  •  15 Comments


They scavenge the foliage 
Laid waste by old Jack Frost
Surviving frozen mornings
They search 
Freeze dried blossoms, hardened pods, and barren stalks

A dragonfly lands 
On one dried branch after another
A bee finds a surviving cosmos
Finches scour sunflower heads
Cracking seed after seed

Downy Woodpeckers scurry round cottonwood trunks 
Like feathered rats 
They pause to drum out rhythms 
As they drill into the bark
Rata tat tat rata tat tat

Sandhill Cranes clatter in distant fields, unseen
Then appear as silhouettes against the clouds
High above the yellow leaves that cling to branches 
Hanging on until forced to fall
And blanket the ground below

The sun hangs low
Days are quickly swallowed by darkness
While the cold nights linger
Stars circle in dark, gelid skies
Winter will soon be upon us











Beautiful Tim .. The shot with the gold leaves is glorious. Thanks for sharing
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Hi Harry. I did a slow, jerky spin on the tripod.
You are right, I also see the stars in circles, several of them. How is that possible ?
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Thanks, Teagan!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry! The last photo is a circle of stars.
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