A Leaf

November 03, 2016  •  16 Comments


A leaf fell in my path today.
It floated, spun and tumbled to earth.
Where it settled on the black asphalt under foot.
I kneeled down and observed the beautiful leaf, reflecting sunlight off the thin, dried skin clinging to bony, skeletal remains.
“You have done your part to provide air, shade, shelter and a place to rest for many of God’s creatures.” I whispered.
“Now that you have come to the end of your life, 
you will provide angst for an army of leaf blowers. 
They will blow you from one place to another, wherever the wind chooses not to.
You might settle with other leaves to provide shelter, bedding and protection for a variety of creatures. 
You might be crushed, piled and burnt, shredded, sacked and dumped, discarded again and again.
Whatever fate befalls you, you will eventually provide food for the soil, and turn back into the earth from whence you came.”
I stood up and went on my way thinking about how a leaf fell in my path today.


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Thanks, Imelda!
A very thoughtful reflection/poem
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