Hospital Day Nineteen — Mounted Patrol

October 28, 2016  •  15 Comments


The balloons that inflate and launch in the wee hours before sunrise at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta are called the "Dawn Patrol".  They go up and test the winds above ground level, before the rest of the balloons inflate and take off.  The Balloon Fiesta also has mounted patrol on horseback and motorcycles.

My white blood cells and neutrophils came up to normal today, while my red counts stayed low.  It's looking pretty sure that I will be able to go home on Tuesday.


Oh that is so exciting! Aren't those horses beautiful
Very good news. Think we know who we'd like to escort us home!
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Thanks, Herman! Plus espresso and chocolate. The coffee is so bad here that I don't bother to drink it.
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Thanks, Harry. I think you got it right with paws and purrs.
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Thanks, Lavinia!
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