Hospital Day Five — A Few Balloons

October 14, 2016  •  15 Comments

Since I still have lots of photos from the Balloon Fiesta, I decided I put of a few that seem to go with my situation — a bit perilous.  

I am racking up the steps wandering around the corridors. Yesterday I got 11,800 steps, and today I'm at 12,650, plus I'm in second place in the weekly challenge at 45,300 steps, almost 15,000 steps ahead of 3rd place. Tomorrow I have my last chemo treatment, which is the really nasty stuff that kills the bone marrow. Then Sunday is a rest day, and Monday I will get the stem cell transplant that starts a whole new cycle.




You are in my thoughts .. Hugs ..beautiful images Tim
T & L Photos
Thanks, Juanita!
Juanita Ortega(non-registered)
Hi Tim, you are really putting in a lot of steps. Hope all goes well the next few days. Love the balloon photos.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Herman!
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