Artificial Intelligence

October 06, 2016  •  12 Comments

I started to throw out a cup of coffee a repairman left in one of the offices he was working in, but when I took the lid off and saw it was developing a brain, I couldn't throw out a perfectly good brain culture, so I kept the smart coffee to use for experiments with artificial intelligence. So far, when I ask it a question like you would SIRI or an Echo, no matter what the question is, it only gives one answer: "One cup at a time!" It may not be the right answer, but it's kind of inspiring, so I pour myself another cup of coffee, and get back to work.


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Could be a science project. Thanks, Julie!
A science project!
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Hi Teagan! You never know what you might end up with.
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Thanks, Herman!
Teagan Geneviene(non-registered)
First off -- ick! LOL, but definitely has the potential to be a new life form... If you find a second cup of *anything* that looks like it, don't let them near enough to breed.
Mega hugs!
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