Paparazzo en Bici

January 04, 2016  •  20 Comments

Believe it or not, back in my racing days, this Z jersey actually fit me. Can anyone name the American who was riding for Team Z the same year he won the World Championships and the Tour de France in the same year?


Several years ago I got the idea I could be a paparazzo en bici and photograph races from the middle of the pack. It took practice,  several spills, and the right jersey and sunglasses before I got the hang of it.


Tying out my skills at the double barreled "ride by" shooting. Although the skill was as much in getting into position before the timer ran out on the camera I had set on self-timer on a tripod — remember my fotoplanking?


OK I didn't quite make that "ride by" work. You can see from my knee this was not the first time I went down doing these silly selfies.


I decided the Z jersey was cutting off my blood flow, so I changed to my Tarantula jersey, put on my cool Harley Davidson brand sunglasses, I a started to get down how to be a paparazzo en bici.


Got the ride by down.


My racing skills regained!




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Thanks, Miz Shaaz! Silly things!
Wow! These are mad cool.. You've done some very wild things! Love it..
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Oh wow! Love the last shot Tim .. Looking very cool!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Emilio!
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