It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, It's a New Dam

January 24, 2016  •  8 Comments


The Conservancy staff tore out the beaver dam I photographed last week, and here "it's a new dawn, it's a new day" and the beavers have already built a new dam. Unless the Conservancy staff trap and relocate the beaver, I believe the destruction of the beaver dams and their subsequent rebuilding will be a Battle of Evermore. And while I'm on a roll of relating songs to beaver dams:


Beavers don’t need no extra harassing 
We don't need no dam control 
No dark diggers in the ditch now 
Workers leave those dams alone 
Hey! workers! leave those dams alone! 
All in all they're just another stick in the falls.
All in all they're just another stick in the falls.


But then again, all this destroy and rebuild could be a Works Project partnership between the Conservancy District and the beavers to create jobs for both man and beast.


A lone crane flying across an explosion of clouds and sunshine.


The new day beaver dam from under the bridge.


A Copper's Hawk flying along the Rio Grande


A triad of Sandhill Cranes with the sun setting behind clouds.


Cooper's Hawk treading air


Super-wide view of the clearwater ditch and the new day beaver dam




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Thanks, Lavinia! Beavers damming up the ditch and the Conservancy tearing them out has gone on for years. This is the first time I've seen the beavers so persistent rebuilding in the same spot. This is the fourth dam I've counted in the same spot.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
These are all stunning photos, especially the one of the three sandhill cranes! Crisp and clear shots - I feel as if I am standing in that first one.

The beavers will probably not go away on their own. Looking at that straight as an arrow man-made ditch, my guess is that the Conservancy will have to trap and relocate.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry! There's a reason for the saying "busy as a beaver!"
Those beavers will never give up is my guess. Good journalistic blog with fine photo's.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan!
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