And the Wall Comes Tumbling Down

January 22, 2016  •  4 Comments


Just over 2 years after the two buildings on the end of our block burned,, and  over a year and a half after demolition of the burned buildings,, that left the east facing wall of Patrician Design exposed, all the messy issues with the fire and property lines have been resolved to the point that Patrician Design can finally get the exposed and damaged exterior wall replaced. Construction has begun, and the wall comes tumbling down.




T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan!
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
I know it is long past time for that!!! Glad it is happening!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan! It will be nice to have a finished wall along that side of the building again.
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
That's a long time to deal with a damaged building. I know they'll be relieved when the work is finally done. Still sorry about the other one... those idiots.
Mega hugs!
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