Bloody Good — Morning at the Vineyard: A Collection of Tangled Tales

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As we sat across from each other visiting over New Mexican food at Cecilia’s, I watched her pretty smile trying to catch a glimpse of her fangs, but her smile was as normal as she seemed to be. When Juliette came through Albuquerque about a month ago, we got together for lunch to visit and learn about each other’s life outside of the blogosphere. She'll be 156 in October, but she didn’t look a day over 30, and I thought to myself “there are some advantages to being a vampire.”

I’ve followed Juliette Kings' blog, VAMPIRE MAMAN | Musings of a Modern Vampire Mom, for a couple of years now. Her blog is made up of stories and anecdotes about the everyday life of a vampire family. As strange as a vampire family might sound, a lot of her family stories are similar to mine, so, as it turns out, we have a lot in common.

Juliette published a book of stories titled Morning at the Vineyard: A Collection of Tangled Tales in July 2014. I got her book a few months after she published it on Amazon. The stories are a lot like “Tales From My Youth…”, but while my tales only go back 30 to 40 years, Juliette’s tales cover hundreds of years.

Morning at the Vineyard: A Collection of Tangled Tales is a delightful set of stories that cover just about everything from young vampire love in the old days to taking care of old vampires today to vampire hunters and rogue vampires to ghosts, werewolves and lunching with zombies. There are stories of vampire intrigue, stories with morals, stories that have endings with a twist, and stories that just plain end. 

Juliette’s stories about the undead are truly “short” stories, and all of them are about as unpredictable as life itself. She tells tales about her and her bothers growing up, her life as an adult (married with children), and the adventures of friends and family living double lives that I could imagine is like existing in parallel universes.

Juliette’s book is available on Kindle at




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Thanks, Miz Shaaz! You will enjoy Juliette's blog. That's a cup of blood, BTW!
I'm going to check out Juliette's blog, sound interesting! Thanks for sharing. Love the wine and grapes image, I'd love that in my kitchen.
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Thanks, Lavinia!
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Sounds like a great collection of stories!
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Thanks, Susan!
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