Got Ya Covered Zagster

June 03, 2015  •  12 Comments

Photo of a photographer in the alley taken from the 16th floor of the NM Bank & Trust Building


Zagster bikes at 2nd Street between Roma and Lomas


It showed 101º F (38.33º C) on my car's themometer when I left the office at 6:38 pm — Dr. Huey in the heat when I got home



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Thanks, Julie!
I can't imagine it being that hot here at that time. Auckland doesn't get much past 27 C at the best of times .. .thankfully :) I love the pop of colour in the last shot
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Thanks, Christine!
Christine Robinson(non-registered)
Love your photos! Beautiful greenery and flowers! Really hot there! Southern California still spring-like moderate temps.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! It's cooling off again. Cloudy, threatening rain, and the forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy and 88.
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