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April 10, 2015  •  6 Comments

A fire riser with an empty can made a nice red/green combination. The latest in the construction behind the office is that they are building a huge cistern to catch water that will be used to water the roof garden. I had reported that the piers were drilled down 10 feet and filled with concrete. I have since corrected that after I learned they drilled down 40 feet and filled them with concrete. The two piers on either side of the shovel are about half exposed.


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Hi Lavinia! Your father was handsome. Cute monkey. I'm trying to remember how much water the cistern will hold, something like 65,000 gallons.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
That is some pit they have going! I like the color contrast of red and green as well.

I updated my Cats page. It now has a photo of my father and his pet monkey from WWII. My brother took a cell phone photo of the picture he has up on the wall, so the image is not real good, but if you click on it, it will expand enough you can see the little critter on his arm.
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Hi Susan! It's hard to imagine not being able to see color, but it's fairly common among men. I remember once in a bicycle race one of our team members had broken away, and when another one of our team members worked his way up to the front of the pack and saw some one had broken away, he chased him down. Our team had brightly colored red, white and green jerseys. The team member who had broken away asked me what the team member who chased him down was thinking. He asked "Is he color blind or what?" I had to answer "Yes he is!" because the chaser was color blind. To him, the guy who had broken away had a white jersey because reds and greens looked the same to him, and he said he couldn't see a difference between the white, red and green until he got close.
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Thanks, Harry! It's the downtown grocery store/retail/housing project. It should be finished sometime next year.
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
I'm loving being able to follow the construction through your wonderful photos.
The Red Green made me just a little sad, because my son is colorblind, as was my father, and cannot "see" them as different. For as long as I can remember, about all he has ever said is, "I wish I could see just once, even if for just one minute, the way normal people see color." Technologies are being worked on for that, and I have hopes that one day he may be able to look at that image and see two distinct colors.
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