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November 03, 2015  •  14 Comments

Even though there are "No Dogs" signs promising $250 fines to offenders all over the bulletin boards at the trail head in Tent Rocks, the local dogs don't think the signs apply to them. Fido here doesn't think he looks anything like that silly silhouette of a Scottie dog on the "No Dogs" sign.


This foxy looking mutt thinks she's more mountain goat than dog; therefore, she believes she's exempt from the "No Dogs" policy when she's out jumping around on the rocky edges of cliffs.


Foxy collapsed at my feet in the parking lot — she was exhausted after a hard day of entertaining the tourists with her agile clod hopping, puddle jumping and rock climbing.




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Hi Janna! The owners of the dogs in the photos live miles away, so the solution would be keeping their dogs home somehow. I'm not sure the rangers who you pay to get into the park will even let you in if you have a dog. Leaving it in your yard is really pesky.
Maybe the dogs can't read but the owners should be able to :) I went for a run this morning and found a conscientious (sarcastic) dog owner bagged up the poop... and then left it in my yard. I was really mad-that's worse than not bagging at all.
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Thanks, Douglas! Once it became a national monument they you get the signs "breaking up the scenery blowing my mind!"
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Thanks, Julie!
Boy can I relate to this....remember the song Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs? Great post!
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