Reaching for the Moon

October 03, 2015  •  16 Comments

The International Ballon Fiesta is under way, and several balloons flew over the house today. The opening of the 27th Annual Old Church Fine Arts show was a success. Susan Graham did a really nice write up with photos at Susan Brant Graham Photography.




Sasha sat out in the catio and watched the balloons






T & L Photos
Thanks, Janna! Sasha's is wild but adorable.
It does look like he's reaching for the moon. Love Sasha's intense stare...kitties are adorable!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
Great right up about the show by Susan Brandt, and great photo's of you Laurie! Tim, you both look great! Love the caption of Sasha stirring intensely at the balloons. So cute...
T & L Photos
Hi David! The International Balloon Fiesta is such a big deal for Albuquerque, that hey have a museum and balloon park just for the event. People coming to the event almost doubles the population for Albuquerque during the first week in October every year.
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