The Persistence of Green Chile

September 02, 2017  •  16 Comments

Back, left to right, front: green chile martini, green chile beer, green chile milk, green chile red wine, green chile margarita,  green chile white wine, green chile coffee, green chile amaretto on the rocks.


While Laurie worked on pealing, deseeding and sacking green chiles while walking on the treadmill...


The Average White Boys had a green chile harvest fest by sitting on the deck BSing and drinking the fine green chile drinks introduced in the first photo.

You can see the animated GIF of the AWB celebrating at


"Put down that camera and get to work you silly Paparazzo!"


Piles of green chiles waiting to be deseeded and sacked!


Videos to do green chiles to. 


All the roasters going at Wagner's Farms.


Pouring chiles in the roaster.




More fire


More fire and lots of smoke


Chiles hang on for dear life


Roasted chiles are poured out into the a sack when finished.


A partial play list to listen to while skinning, deseeding and sacking green chiles:


Giovanna e Angiolino


J AX - IL BELLO D'ESSER BRUTTI (Official Video - Newtopia)

The Jive Aces & Rebecca Grant - Nothing's Too Good For My Baby

Giovanna e Angiolino

Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

Turbo polka - ATOMIK HARMONIK (Official Video)

Billy Momo - It´s mine - Official video


3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

Theory of a Deadman - Bitch Came Back [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Litfiba - Elettrica

Traktor Polka - ATOMIK HARMONIK (Official HD Video)

The Kooks - Bad Habit

Donatan Cleo feat. Enej - Brać [Official Video]

Articolo 31 - Domani Smetto

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Iván Fischer


Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos
Hi Julie. Just a different take on hot milk.
Incredible photos Tim .. that roaster is amazing! I love chillies .. just don't know about green chili milk! :D
Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos
Hi David. Wild times with the chiles.
When someone says put the camera down and help while holding a large knife, you do so. I hope you enjoyed the chili processing, lol. :)
Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan! The AWB was a bit of work. I had hats and drinks and ties spread all over under and behind the camera to keep the props out of the wide-angle view. While going back and forth, I bumped the tripod which threw my registration off a little for half the shots. It took me about 3 hours from beginning to finished GIF to produce the AWB take, which was pretty efficient for a bunch of guys that are harder to herd than cats. Wagner's had free roasting yesterday, so we put up three sacks of chiles — a record for us in one day.
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